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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts- The Keys to The Lost Worlds [SU] (Now accepting SU's)

Name: Skye Westonly

Age: 15

Homeworld: Aquatia, raised on Earth

Gender: Male

Looks: Skye has dirty blonde hair that goes a little past his shoulders. His eyes are a rich blue-green color. He is 5' 3" and he has a very slim figure. His nails change color with his mood. But not entirely, it's more like a tint. He's got a slightly above average number of freckles across his cheeks and nose. His lips are very soft and a very rosy red color. He has very thick dark brown eyebrows. He is usually wearing a tee-shirt and jeans in various colors with his favorite pair of flip-flops. He has braces, but is always smiling none the less. He is also always wearing a necklace that he got when he was born. It's a shell and the inside has a silhouette picture of a mermaid.

Personality: He has a very nice and cheerful personality. He is always trying to cheer people up and he hates to see his friend sad. Even though he likes to be happy, he has hidden self esteem issues which make him sad at times. When he's sad he won't say much and is just kind of spaced out all the time. He is usually tired and likes a lot of sleep. And because of his really fast metabolism he is usually eating something, but able to keep his very small figure. He is usually running to those in need and knows how to treat many injuries. He can get angry easily, but only if he's stressed out. So if he's not feeling well, watch out. He is very scared on the inside though. Even though he will do anything for his friends and he seems brave on the outside, on the inside he's just a small little kid who really wants his mommy. He has many phobias, but tries to ignore them when he can.

History: He was born in the city with Aquatia with a beautiful bright blue tail. He was the most wonderful precious thing that his parents had ever seen, but The Grand King had warned him that they would eventually have to give him up. Until that time, he was given the best care, getting presents from all around the sea. He studied music under The Royal Singers, giving him his magnificent voice. But one day, he had to leave. He was stripped of his tail and given legs, the only thing to remember his childhood was the necklace his parents smuggled on his neck. After that he lived on Earth, having a normal childhood. He was always a faster swimmer than the other children, but his PE teacher just said it was because he was good. He didn't know the truth. Now he's been called back and now, along with his companions, he has to defend his Aquatia, the sea, and the world.

Keyblade(s): It looks like something out of the sea. Made out of allege, shells, and sea scales.

Extra: He has great powers over water and ice. He can also heal, but not that well.

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