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Default Re: Forsaken Bounds: The Forged Alliance [Chapter 5.5 is Up!]

Chapter 6: The Upward Slope
“I’m just playing right now. They’ll see my true power once I’m done with them…”
-Personal Thoughts of Diabora

Neo Lugia
Homeworld Skies

With the news of Diabora’s attack, Mike, Neo, and rust headed back to the Bridge of the Neo Lugia. On the large map of the Homeworld displayed on the screen, there was a big red dot on the Demilitarized Zone between North Fiore and South Fiore, the two conflicting halves of Fiore.

“It would appear as if Diabora is attempting to play North and South Fiore against each other,” Neo said, giving rust an ‘Its-All-Your-Fault’ look. Fiore was the one continent that Aqua had ruled from during their Homeworld campaign. Five years after they had left, the two split, as one side had wanted to unite with Hoenn, while the other comprised of Aqua veterans and loyalists, wished to remain independent.

“Worse news,” Mike said, looking through the fleet registry, “Finch has jacked the Ano Ho-Oh… He set the ship’s navicomputer to take him to Kazmar before he had realized the tracking device was on…”

“I’ll take care of Finch,” rust said, stepping forward, “Inazuma and Izaterasu are probably driving him insane… I’ll see what I can do to help. Neo, I trust you can handle this?”

“Yeah,” Neo said, “Just bring back the Ano Ho-Oh…” After receiving Neo’s approval, rust had made his way to the airlock, turned into Zhu-Quiao, and went off to space in order to track down Finch, “Now, we have a battle, eh?”

“The Neo Lugia and Stratosfear are converging on the DMZ as we speak,” Mike said, looking at the navicomputer on the big screen, “ETA ten minutes, give or take a few…”

“After that,” Shairii said, “We need a third candidate to become a Combin. It was hard enough getting two people from the Wrath… I doubt I’ll be able to get another…”

“We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, Shairii,” Neo said. He looked out the window to see several flashes of light, as blasts went off in Fiore’s DMZ. Diabora and his Diablos army were in the center of this commotion, orchestrating a massive three way melee. North Fiore was fighting Diabora and South Fiore. South Fiore was fighting North Fiore and Diabora. Diabora was fighting everyone.

“I really hope they don’t make us pick a side,” Mike sighed, “But I’m sure they will.”

“Let’s just focus on fighting Diabora first. We can take out any resistance as it comes. In the mean time, are we in range to fire Mirage Missiles?” Neo asked.

“Yes, we are,” Mike replied, as General Wolffe obtained targets for the Mirage Missiles and fired. A North Fiore tank took down two of the five, as Diabora rose into the air and took out two more. The final one landed, creating around one thousand mirage Pokemon, which were completely outnumbered by the combined forces of the Fiores and the Diablos.

“Four missiles down,” Wolffe said, “What now?”

“Silver!” Mike said over the intercom, “How close to completion is the Grungust?”

Silver’s face appeared on the main screen, cleaning oil off of his hands with a dirty cloth, “We’re closer than that time that I had interrupted you,” Silver said joking. Mike blushed, “But we’re nowhere near combat ready. The Neo Lugia does have a host of tanks that I’ve modified, however.”

Mike frowned, “Looks like I’m going to have to fight in this one…”

“You’re going to fight? You’ll get creamed!” Shairii burst out, worrying for her dear friend.

Mike scoffed at this, and used the Essence of the Crystal of Change that he had stolen from Diabora to change into his true form, “This is something I haven’t shown anyone yet.” Mike was normally an Absol hybrid, but he had decided to change his body to human once he had absorbed the Crystal of Change’s essence. However, when he transformed into his hybrid form, he had several of Rayquaza’s features, which had come from communicating with the late Rayquaza’s spirit.

Shairii’s jaw dropped. She had quite a bond with Rayquaza before it was killed by Diabora. Mike grabbed a pair of lightsabers off of his belt, as Shairii said, “How…?”

“Later, Shairii,” Mike said, smiling, as the trio went down to the air lock. Neo transformed into Qinglong, the evolution of Lugia, as Shairii and Mike took one of the Neo Lugia’s LFOs down to the battle, as some of Team Trainer’s ground forces were deployed into the frenzy as well.

Neo had arrived first, and launched a killer Aeroblast laced with psychic energy, which ripped apart a large group of Diablos soldiers. Arms and legs of the Diablos flew everywhere, as the surrounding North and South Fiore soldiers engaged each other in battle with the Diablos that were blocking their way being destroyed. Neo sighed, realizing that it would be impossible for him unleash any of his massive attacks with the human soldiers fighting amongst themselves.

<Mike, Shairii! We’re going to need to get Diabora and the Diablos away from the Fiore soldiers, so they aren’t killed in the crossfire,> Neo said psychically to Mike and Shairii, who were just landing onto the ground. Several Diablos surrounded the LFO, as Mike got out, and launched several balls of Aura energy at the Diablos, turning them to dust. Mike was also a manipulator of Aura, on top of all his other skills.

Shairii used her Combin powers to merge with the spirit of Shiko, a Scyther she had once owned that had been killed in battle by her husband when they were still enemies. She grew Scyther scythes for arms, as her skin became green and furry. She hacked and slashed at the Diablos that had surrounded her, sensing her spiritual powers.

Mike on the other hand had his eyes on the prize; Diabora himself. Neo swooped down from above, as Mike climbed on his back, and said, “Can I have a ride?”

<Where to?> Neo asked, flying up into the sky.

{Insert Song: Choronzon by Tangerine Dream}

“Diabora. We can take him out together,” Mike said. Neo nodded his head and began to fly towards the abomination who was in the center of all of the chaos, with his void shields up and active. Neo launched an Aeroblast at the shields, but it was just absorbed into the shield. Mike jumped off of Neo, and landed gracefully on the ground.

Diabora sent a cabled hand through the void shields, attempting to strike at Mike. Mike brought his lightsaber up and caught the hand with it. He then shot an aura blast down the hand right, through the hole in the void shields, and at Diabora, sending him into a nearby cliff. Diabora recovered quickly, but Neo was right behind him, and slammed his tail into the hole into Diabora’s void shields. Combined with his Psychic powers, Diabora flew into another cliff, and quickly closed up the hole in his shield.

Neo shot another Aeroblast at Diabora, but it was absorbed. Diabora got up and said <Heh… You capitalized on the hole in my shields… Let me tell you, that isn’t going to happen again!> Diabora raised his hands into the air, and thousands of Diablos arose from the ground, clawing at Mike and Neo. Mike hacked and slashed at the rising undead, as Neo just took off into the air, tearing off the arms of the Diablos that had grabbed him.

<Clear the way, Mike!> Neo said, as he began to power up his finisher attack; Psycho Storm. Taking a small amount of Psychic Power from every Pokemon on the planet, Neo had created a large ball of Psychic energy. He launched it at the battlefield of Diablos, completely destroying hundreds of thousands of them.

Neo smiled, happy he had cleared the battlefield of Diabora’s abominations, until he was hit with a Rocket Propelled Grenade from a North Fiore soldier…
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