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Default Re: "Spam Bot" Reporting

i think this might be advertising
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Default Hi

Would you like to join a few forum for gaming?

Final Smash, also known as FS, is a forum for any and all gamers. You can be the most competitive person or someone who just likes to play the game, this is a forum for you. FS forums supports the discussion of all systems. Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo, Sega and Handhelds all have their own sections with forums in them.

- XBox 360
- XBox Classic

- PS3
- PS3
- PS

- Wii
- Gamecube
- N64
- Super Nintendo
- Nintendo Entertainment System

- Dream Cast
- Saturn
- Genesis

- Nintendo DS
- Gameboy color
- Gameboy

FS also has a sections for computer games, including MMORPGs, clans, and RSS feeds from Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft.
FS is not all about games. There are also sections for art, which includes music, graphics art, and writing, there is also a section for community games like "count to infinity" and "the one above", a section for chit chat where you can talk about almost anything, and also a section for roleplaying and there is also an arcade.

Since Final Smash is a new and growing community there is a chance of you becoming a staff member. Just be active and make thoughtful posts and you will be on your way to become a moderator, or even a Super moderator.

I hope you decide to join, and if you do besure to give me a visitor message saying you join ^^ (My name is Postman over there)
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