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Default Re: Kingdom Hearts- The Keys to The Lost Worlds [SU] (Still being worked on, please d

Reserve me as a key please!

Name: Colin
Age: 15
Home world: Wars World, Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden
Gender: Male
Looks: Colin has short, reddish-brown hair and brown eyes. He is only 5' tall, and has a rather fragile body. He wears a mostly blue outfit with red and gold details. His voice is quiet, and he stutters from time to time.

Personality: Colin is a gentle boy who dislikes fighting, but will do so when he feels he must. He is respectful to his elders and kind to women, as a young gentleman should be. He would stand up for those who cannot defend themselves, and is a generally nice guy to have around. He loves jokes, but doesn't always get them... Still, it makes him smile when others can laugh.

History: (will be added later!)

Keyblade(s): Luna Key
Extra: Colin has a unique ability called "Power of Money". He takes a coin, clenching it in his fist. After doing so, his subsequent attacks are more powerful. The time this lasts varies from a single attack, to up a hundred, all with varying strengths depending on how much money he has.

Each coin he has ups his strength by 20%.
Every ten coins he can attack another time.

The drawback to this power is two-fold, it depleats his money, as the coins dissappear after it is finished, and he becomes unable to use the powere for at least a day, depending on how strong the attack/s was/were.
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