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Default Pokemon: Aura Stone



In the distant island of Auhora off the coast of Sinnoh. Pokemon forgotten by time, some evolutions of known Pokemon and totally new Pokemon reside. This place is known for it's power of aura within all people, strong inside them. But Team Galactic has other plans for this island. They want to use the aura of this island and it's Pokemon to take over the world.

But a young boy by the name of Riley will not stand for this. He is a native of this Island. Riley is also trained by the Sinnoh gym leader Byron. But unknown to Riley, he is the reincarnation of the Aura Knight Sir Aaron. He will rise from the shadows to drive away Team Galactic from his home. Can he do it? All odds are against him. You choose his fate.

DO NOT ASK FOR RELEASE DATES OR DEMOS. This game is very early in production
New Evolution for known Pokemon and Fakemon.
Totally new Region.
Good Graphics.

Co Finder( So He/She can work on the project to)
Spriter( Ranging from good- to Flawless)
Mapper( I really need one)
Tile Artist

i have found one spriter. and it seems i have found a mapper. now thing will start moving on

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