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Default Re: Forsaken Bounds: The Forged Alliance [Chapter 5.5 is Up!]

Nice job, rust, but I feel it's my turn to interrupt :3

Chapter 5.5: The Parallel World

"No one was human. No one in Hoenn, and no one in Sinnoh either. We were going to have reconsider our options, or we’d never make it alive. The other regions were going to kill us, and we just lost everything we needed to fight back. By now, they probably figured out what happened. If we didn’t change them too, forget it. All of us knew we’d never be able to live together. They’d look at us like we were freaks unless they were in the same mess we were in."

-Neo Winterfield, contemplating the fate of the Hoenn and Sinnoh regions after the fall of the Star of Oblivion.


Meanwhile, in an Alternate Universe…

{Insert Song: Daily Agony from Shenmue}

It is the year 2048 in the world of Maridia. The world had finally moved past the recent war between the Johto Region and the Orre Region, which ended little more than ten years ago. Technology had been taken to new heights, and for the first time in over seven decades, the world was at peace, free of conflicts and strife. Champions of PokÚmon had come and gone, new legends were made, and more discoveries were found under the veils of time. Meanwhile, the governments of the free regions of Maridia had flourished, with their cities growing, economic power accelerating, and their citizens thriving peacefully together.

In an effort for peaceful relations, the Johto Government created a Mass Driver, a rail system used to launch spacecraft. It was deemed “a bridge to space,” which they hoped would bridge gaps between regions, both physically and politically. Once it had been completed, they launched a low-orbit aerospace plane, called the Wishbringer, to begin paving the way for deeper space discovery, and, hopefully, eventual space exploration.

Their hopes were dashed when the Wishbringer made a discovery that would change the world, for better or worse, it was incredibly hard to tell…

Less than a week after it’s initial launch, the Wishbringer gave reports on a single, incredibly large meteor on a direct collision path with Maridia. Unfortunately, the meteor was approaching with such speed that it had dodged all other previous satellite early warning systems, and the Wishbringer had been launched too late for its discovery to do much good.

The news was relayed around the world in a matter of hours. Governments urged people to seek refuge underground, or in bunkers built for similar purposes. Panic gripped cities, and governments were broken apart in the insane rush to get to safety. Toward the final moments, the meteor had broken into two parts and it was confirmed that one part would hit central Hoenn and the other would hit central Sinnoh, and the only thing the citizens could do was make a last minute attempt to evacuate away from the crash sites. There was no time at all to even consider heading overseas.

Many citizens felt this was to be expected considering the nature of Meteor Falls in western Hoenn. However, unlike that case, this was something far different. At the final end, the first part of the meteor had crashed into Mauville City in Hoenn, while the other half crashed into Oreburgh City in Sinnoh. The cities exploded violently, taking with them the lives of everyone who had dared to remain.

After the violent impact, the destruction of both cities was only just the beginning of a massive chain reaction of events. In time, the meteor was later called the Star of Oblivion… aptly named for its reign of destruction. The satellite that made the discovery, the Wishbringer, was also renamed for discovering the nature of their doom, now called the Apocalypse.

A heavy cloud of foreign airborne particles, later code-named CX-11, had spread out all over Hoenn and Sinnoh as a result of the meteor’s two impact sites. Made of elements never discovered before, CX-11 particles had flown through the atmosphere, spreading throughout both entire regions. The first humans who decided to come out of hiding the next day soon discovered the incredible, violent-looking reactions the particles would have on them.

They were immediately transformed into creatures never before seen on Maridia. Some had been told of in stories, like Elves, Nekos, Minotaurs, and other such creatures, but many other races the humans of Hoenn and Sinnoh transformed into were never even thought of before. Without a couple of hours, the air was saturated with the particles, so everyone was affected and transformed, hiding or no. It took only moments for the racial changes to happen, but after only three days, all traces of CX-11 had vanished. However, the racial changing effects brought by the Star of Oblivion were permanent, and it was confirmed that there was no going back to being human in nature. It was also found that the meteor, made of a strange crystal material, radiated whatever it was in the particles that had transformed the humans. Any who hadn’t been transformed and scratched or wounded themselves with one of the crystals in any way were also instantly transformed. Those that have been afflicted with these changes often refer to themselves as “Metorians”, and joined hands with others that have been changed as well.

Meanwhile, the Star of Oblivion’s impacts had released two massive EMP-like pulses that ripped the inner workings of their technology to shreds. All circuit boards, programming, and even just basic circuit layouts were ruined from this pulse, making it impossible for electric power to run through the ruined technology. It had also shut off their power plants, throwing Hoenn and Sinnoh back into a technology era similar to the 1800’s. No one was prepared for it, and they were left defenseless.

But with these catastrophes, the new union of races under the Metorians name had made another discovery through taking shards of the crystalline Star of Oblivion and being able to use otherworldly powers… many of which called it “magic” from its very similar nature to what was derived in fiction. Many of them had only just begun to understand and experiment what this presence of magic was, but they were also determined to learn more about it, and hopefully even become masters of this new, inner force.

And with the coming of the Star of Oblivion, Hoenn and Sinnoh’s governments were obliterated as no one knew whom to follow and their leaders were no longer recognizable or had gone into hiding. But, the humans on the other sides of Maridia were also greatly affected. World trade, stock markets, and economies had crashed violently as a result of the major disaster, and with it came many riots, feuds, and anarchy. With the reckless assassination of Kanto’s leaders, the rebellious people of the nations unaffected by the Star of Oblivion struck out against the remaining governments and their failure to establish order, and instead sided with new entities of control. Meanwhile, Hoenn and Sinnoh, totally without governments already, also decided to rely on the presence of the emerging factions within their side of the world… the one where humans no longer existed…

In Kanto, an organization known as Team Trainer, already with much experience in governmental affairs, stepped in and started bringing the region back into order. They set up a main governing body, known as the Council of Seven, to decide over the needs and interests of the Region. The Team only had the best interests of the Region in mind and heart, and listened to the pleas of the people.

In Johto, the militaristic Fellowship of Everlasting Shadows, codenamed FOES, stepped in before President Jira had been assassinated, and, with her assistance, helped set up a unique, military-based government. However, they were far from totalitarian dictators. It was an odd, but effective blend of military and congressional governing body. A senate made up of the best minds and advisors of FOES decided on the affairs of the Region, with two leaders that served in tandem like a President might on his or her own. Despite the rough look of the rather large group, they cared about all that was good for Johto, and for the world. They also believe in punishing the evil and wicked. However, they would go through any means necessary to achieve these ends.

These two entities instantly created close relations with one another. They sought, more than anything, a world where Meteorians and humans would coexist and work together in a united way, to tolerate all and continue the flow the world had been going in before the Star of Oblivion had torn it all apart. They both welcomed Meteorians into their ranks, new and old.

Meanwhile, in the now entirely Meteorian-populated Hoenn Region, a large number of Meteorians had gathered together to form what they called the League of Urban Dragons, called LOUD for short. A highly urbanized team of civil protectors and freedom fighters, they are intent on defending their way of life. They became intent on bringing the world to peace…and many thought this would come by making everyone a Meteorian, though use of the Star of Oblivion’s shards. In ways, they could be viewed as evil, purely because these Meteorians would force the transformation on everyone else. However, alignment is in the eye of the beholder, and LOUD believed what they were doing was for a good cause.

However, more obviously evil organizations also involved themselves more openly after the Star of Oblivion struck…

{Insert Song: Dark Samus Appears from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes}

For a long time, the Anti Quasi/Unknown Attack and Elimination Force Militia, or AQUA, had operated in secret. Their goal was simple, to topple the world’s governments and set up puppet governments, which would allow them to rule the world, all from behind the scenes. When the meteor hit, they saw an opportunity. They cleared out the Sevii Islands of any civilians, saying it was in danger of radiation from the impact of the meteor in Hoenn, and docked their massive mobile base, the black carrier known as the Deathwing, away from prying eyes. Led by the mysterious Raidon “rust” Makoto, AQUA saw a way to gain unbridled support for a false cause: ridding the world of the Meteorians.

In the dusty Region of Orre, Silver Etherlight led the group built from the most brilliant scientists of the long-defunct Team Rocket, a highly technologically-advanced society called The Renegades. They sought to rule the world, using any and all means necessary. The falling of the Star of Oblivion gave them solid reason. They, too, gained support through using the fašade of wanting to have the world be rid of the Meteorian taint. Using the most advanced war machines, mechanized mobile suits, they sought to begin their conquest…

These factors soon brought the fog of war once more towards Maridia…With Johto still recovering from the war against Orre, it seemed likely that it would be a long struggle, with no clear victor…however, the elements suggested it would be a war unlike any ever before seen on the face of the planet…

It began with a radio call for assistance from the middle of Hoenn. The leader of the League of the Urban Dragons, Neo Winterfield, had managed to use a shard of the Star to get a radio to work. He sent out a call to any listeners, hoping someone would help them with supplies, clean up…and a cure. For a while, he went unheard. Then Raidon Makoto sent a response.

Raidon revealed that no such cure existed for Meteorians to return to their human form, and that they had all been tagged for destruction. Team Trainer, FOES and the Renegades had intercepted the radio transmission, and saw opportunities for their goals. Team Trainer and FOES began building aid for them. The Renegades, however, began preparing for other purposes.

The buildup for battle began…
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