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Default Re: Forsaken Bounds: The Forged Alliance [Chapter 4 is Up!]

Chapter 5: The Dangerous Expedition
“The Diabora Wars completely throws the time stream into flux… All I know is all of the different possibilities. I don’t know which one is right.
-Celebi’s Thoughts

Neo Lugia
Homeworld Skies

Finch got out of his hospital bed and stood up, feeling much better than he did a week ago. After stretching, he removed the hospital gown and put on a Team Aqua grunt uniform, and then an Admiral’s blue trenchcoat with the sleeves ripped off. Finally, he put his belt full of Pokeballs on his waist, and clipped his Dao blade to the belt.

The sliding door automatically opened, as Finch strolled out of his room to the Neo Lugia’s docking bay. Waiting there was Reg Lando, Deoxys, and Kaede Kuyokisaka, Finch’s lover. Finch, surprised that she was with Reg and Deoxys, came up and hugged her.

“Finch!” Kaede said, with a smile.

“Kaede, I thought you were back on the Deathwing… I told you that I don’t want you to get hurt…” Finch said, still holding onto Kaede. Kaede looked up at Finch and kissed him.

“I heard you were hurt, so I took the first ship to the Homeworld,” Kaede said after a passionate kiss, “Its just that I went to the Stratosfear first, and then Reg told me that you were on the Neo Lugia.”

“Fine, I’ll give you that,” Finch said, “Anyways, we’re going to leave to look for something… I’m assuming you’re coming?”

“Of course,” Kaede said.

Finch smiled, “Had a feeling. Anyways, Deoxys where is this Ring of Alvaj-Xoc?”

<Alvaj-Xoc’s rings were hidden on the planet of Kazmar, among the Mermen that live there,> Deoxys said, <So, unless they were moved, they’d still be there.>

“Alright then, we just need a mode of transportation,” Finch said, looking around. Immediately, he spotted the Ano Ho-Oh, a smaller LFO that belonged to Team Trainer, “That will do.”

The group walked casually over to the Ano Ho-Oh and entered its cockpit. After quickly starting it up, they flew out of the docking bay, and into space, towards the watery planet of Kazmar.

ACSF Stratosfear
Homeworld Skies

“Alright,” Shairii said, entering a dark room. There were several candles on the floor in a pentagram shape, each one lit. The three Aquas whom were being sacrificed, Frank Bueller, Peter Jennings, and one who went by the name Lorrad, were each sitting cross-legged in the center of the pentagram.

rust and Neo entered behind Shairii, watching the ceremony, “So, what’s going to happen is that I will say a few words, you’ll reply to them, you’ll die, and everything will be A-Okay.”

“I am not liking this,” Bueller said, “However, rust did say this wasn’t a load of crap…”

“Is this some kind of elaborate prank?” Jennings sarcastically asked.

“No, it is not,” rust said, “This is serious. Don’t worry, it’ll all be okay, and if it isn’t, I’ll go back to hell and save you guys… again… Speaking of which, you never told me who the third person was…” rust said, referring to the third person in the circle. He was a heavyset man who had a hood over his face. Combined with the darkness, it was impossible to see his face beyond his mouth.

“He said his name was Lorrad,” Shairii said, “Kaz Lorrad, I think…” rust quickly froze in fear.

“Ka… Ka… Kazzem Lorrad?” rust babbled, putting a firm grip on Nimaru, which was attached to his belt.

“Yes,” Kazzem Lorrad mumbled from the pentagon, as he stood up, pulling a sword out from his robe, “It’s certainly been a long time, rust Makuta… or should I say… Raize?”

Kazzem went flying at rust with his blade, as pulled Nimaru out of its sheath. However, Neo was quicker, and grabbed Kazzem’s arms, putting him into a full nelson, “Trust me, amigo. If I can’t kill rust, you certainly can’t.” Kazzem head butted Neo, breaking his nose. Neo retracted his hands to cover his nose, which was leaking blood.

“Roar, Nimaru!” rust called out, as his Zanpaku-to split into two katanas. Each one then lit itself on fire. rust knew it was overkill, but he was able to justify it because he was filled with fear. Kazzem slashed at rust’s shoulder, but rust caught the blade with his two blades crossed.

“You’re not the only one with a Zanpaku-to, Raize,” Kazzem said, as his sword become two twin bolts of lightning, “Zap, Raimaru!”

Meanwhile, Shairii, Bueller, and Jennings surrounded Neo, trying to help him. Neo got up, hands over his nose, and asked, “Who the hell was that guy?”

“Someone from rust’s past?” Bueller said.

“Well, you’re his wife,” Neo said, looking at Shairii, “Who is he?”

“I… really don’t know,” Shairii replied, equally as scared. The sizzling and zapping of the two Zanpaku-to didn’t ease her fears much either, “rust doesn’t talk about his past much… The only thing he really ever told me was that he met Tiantus while running with The Gangs in Sootopolis… Tiantus wouldn’t talk about it either.”

“This has the potential to be really bad, then,” Jennings remarked. He was largely ignored, as Shairii led Neo down to the sick bay. They bumped into several troopers who were running down the hall, guns drawn. Fearing the worst, Shairii and Neo rushed down to the sick bay, where Neo quickly got his nose looked at.

{Insert Song: Stratosfear ’95 by Tangerine Dream}

“Raize, Raize, Raize,” Kazzem said to rust, his Raimaru caught between rust’s Nimaru, “You really need to learn some new tricks. You surprised me once, and I’ve been training in hell ever since for the rematch… Luckily enough, you came to lead an insurrection, and I was able to get my hands on one of these nice Zanpaku-to.”

rust extended the knife he had hidden in the toe of his boot, and kicked Kazzem in the stomach. Kazzem looked down, then at rust, brushing off the pain. rust tried to remove his foot, but he had the boot lodged in Kazzem’s body pretty good. He squeezed tight on Raimaru, preventing it from escape, as he removed his foot from his boot. He then took one of his two blades and swung at Kazzem’s head.

Kazzem moved his blade at lightning speed to catch the parry, and then grabbed rust’s boot, which was still hanging from his abdomen, and threw it at rust. The boot hit rust in the face, the knife barely missing any vital parts of his face, and instead, scratched the side of it to the ear. He then jabbed Raimaru into rust’s abdomen, sending several thousand volts of electricity into rust.

rust, unable to move, took the every pain, as he felt the nerves of his body began to char. Thinking fast, he transformed into Zhu-Quiao, destroying the walls surrounding him. He stabbed a flaming talon into Kazzem, but Kazzem stabbed his Zhu-Quiao foot with his Raimaru. As Zhu-Quiao, it took much more electricity to paralyze.

rust took off, creating a large hole in the Neo Lugia. with Kazzem hanging onto rust’s foot with his Raimaru. Cursing, rust tried to shake him off, but instead, Kazzem began to climb up rust’s body. rust then exerted an immense heat, as Kazzem finally fell off, and on top of the Neo Lugia.

rust swooped down, and then transformed back into his Starmie-Hybrid form, “Nice trick,” Kazzem remarked, drawing the lightning-bolt blade again, “But I can do better.” Kazzem charged at rust with Raimaru held high, however, rust stood his ground. As Kazzem approached, he rammed his flaming blade into Kazzem’s abdomen, and then cut up, charring and slicing the flesh at the same time.

He stopped, just at Kazzem’s neck, as Kazzem said, “I’ll see you in hell!” rust then pulled up, slicing his head into two. The mutilated man fell to the steel ground, as rust kicked him down into the ocean below.

rust then walked over to look at the rather large hole he had made in the Neo Lugia, and then attempted to back away slowly. However, Celebi had floated Neo and Shairii out of the hole, and up to the roof.

“Ouch, Kazzem did that to you?” rust asked Neo, referring to the new bandaged on Neo’s nose.

“Yeah… Who was he?” Neo asked rust.

“He taught me everything I know about swordplay,” rust said, “Except, I killed him when he was finished teaching me. He was the one man I had feared in The Gangs… But I had bested him…”

“Well…” Neo was about to say before being cut off by a transmission to everyone’s earpieces.

“Diabora is attacking!”
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