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Default Re: Ideas and Premises

@Venonat: YAY NEW JERSEY! Sounds like a cool idea to me.

Whoops! Forgot about this thread. ^^

The basic idea is, a boy named Rodney and his Grumpig Tristan (name subject to change) wander off to nearby Lake Verity, where they meet this kid named X. Rodney questions his name, and it turns out X was X from birth. So they get into a fun little chat about Unown, but then a girl comes in with an Arcanine. She shouts at X, and drags Rodney and Tristan off into the forest.

As it turns out, X is one of the Unown, disguising himself as a human in order to dodge suspicion. He plans to reawaken Dot Dot Dot and Perios (so original!) and throw the world into eternal chaos in some way or another (DDD and Perios are very large Unown, by the way.) The girl, Julia, is also an Unown, and is leading a rebellion to stop X, as she knows it will throw the world into eternal chaos in some way or another. As it turns out, all of the Unown have been sent in Pokémon and human varieties either to stop X or join him. (Still wondering about what X's name should be. Should it start with an E or something? That's what I did with ! and ?. Also, I'm wondering whether to make Tristan an Unown or not. Probably not.)

I will do this after I finish TGK, probably. I like to make up random plots while I'm in the middle of other ones. xD And yes, I like to write bizarre stories involving Legends doing evil stuffs.

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