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Default Re: Ideas and Premises

Originally Posted by Orange_Flaaffy View Post
I think what matters most is not the balance of pokemon catching chapters to non-catching ones but rather how enjoyable your character itself is to read. In truly good stories for the most part what makes them good is that the stories come from the heart, soul, and reactions of the main character to the world rather than the other way around. If you focus on listening to what makes the main character and their friends so one of a kind that the story you are writing can only be theirs' , and no one elses, that is when the magic happens IMHO. This does not even mean that the character has to be 'OMG so cool!:D' at all, some of the best stories of all time have been told about the most normal of people :).
Thanks for the motivation, I am gonna start writing my story now! =D
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