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Default Re: Manage Your Links Here!

NOTICE: Don't stop at the Daycare! Go all of the way down for a surprise!





'l|Skies, Land, and Waters|l'

Fuzei Ryu

Bubble Gum Flavored Bubble Gum

Wreath of Vines

Fire From the Rocks

Guardian of the Shield

Minty Surprise

Wake of the Dead

Conqueror of the Sky

Valliant Grace

Green Coloration in the Skies

Autmn Skies of Fire

Unwavering Lavender

Emerald Stares

Beauty of Nature

White Song of he Wind

One and Only Suicune

Yellow Glare

Snowfire of the Skies

Raging Wildfire

Emerald Scales

Basically my cousin's eggs, and his last name is Smallwood. She has no access to the internet, so I am taking care of her eggs and stuff.



'l|Skies, Land, and Waters|l'

.previously known as White Wolf of the Snow.
[12:38:59 AM] GallantlyGlaceon: ...So how do we do this? XD
[12:39:20 AM] Sight of the Stars: it's nothing really big, just usually a note in your sig that's all like 'paired with soandso'
[12:39:44 AM] Sight of the Stars: just be like "SIGHT OF THE STARZ IS MAH BIZNITCH"
[12:39:57 AM] GallantlyGlaceon: XDDD
[12:39:59 AM] Sight of the Stars: and I'll be like "GALLANTLYGLACEON IS MAH HOE."

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