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Default Re: Forsaken Bounds: The Forged Alliance [Chapter 3 is Up!]

A/N: Hoo boy, you people force me to Double Post.

Chapter 4: Chaos Genesis
“The fact that the South Fiore army was able to defeat Diabora is a farce and is propaganda at its finest. This just shows how the Western World supports South Fiore.”
-Moar Bo, Prominent Pro-North Fiore Pundit

ACSF Stratosfear
Homeworld Skies

“This will be your home for the next few weeks or so…” rust said, leading Entei down the hall of the flying aircraft carrier. Neo and Celebi followed them, as rust opened up a door next to Suicune’s room. Entei got onto the bed and laid on it.

<Thank you>, Entei said, as rust and Neo left him to his room. rust yawned, as Neo and Celebi continued to follow him. He went down to the Captain’s Quarters, until Neo coughed loudly.

“What?” rust asked.

“Can I have a room?” Neo asked. Celebi retreated to rust’s room.

“Yeah, I guess,” rust said, “Down the hall, I think its empty… Anyways, Mike, Silver, and Finch are going to be coming tomorrow for another tactical meeting. Be ready.”

Neo went to room number one-three-three-seven, as rust sat down on his Captain’s suite bed. To his surprise, Shairii was under the covers, sleeping. She awoke, startled, by rust’s intrusion, “Shairii!”

“rust!” Shairii gave rust a hug, as rust returned the embrace, feeling down her back. Shairii would have had wings, but rust had used his amulet of change, a relic from the planet Kazmar, in order to change Shairii’s appearance to remove them, since Shairii kept smacking rust in the face when she turned over in bed. Being the generous man he was, rust also gave her the body of a thirty-year old, when in reality, she was just entering her forties. She removed rust’s bandana to reveal his head of gray hair in a military cut, and then kissed him.

“When did you get in?” rust asked her.

“Bueller, Jennings, myself, and one other guy whose name I can’t remember came to the Stratosfear straight away. I knew that Mike had fought Diabora yesterday, and that Finch was badly hurt. I had to come and see you guys… And Tiantus sends his regards,” Shairii said. Tiantus was one of rust’s oldest friends, which is how he got his position as Chief of Sciences at Team Aqua. Both had met when they were only teenagers.

“That’s good… You should probably perform the ceremony sooner rather than later…” rust told Shairii, and then began to kiss her down her neck.

“Heh, heh, I don’t want to think about the war right now. Right now, it’s just you and me…” Shairii replied.

Meeting Room, ACSF Stratosfear
Homeworld Skies

Neo awoke with a start, as he looked at his clock and realized he was late to the meeting. Quickly getting dressed, Neo bolted down the hall of the Stratosfear, bumping into a lot of Aquas who didn’t like him very much on the way. It was a wonder that Neo got to the meeting room without getting beat up.

“Glad you could take time out of your busy day to join us, Neo,” rust said sarcastically.

“Go to hell, rust,” Neo cursed, unhappy that he had overslept and missed the beginning of the meeting. He then looked over to see Shairii sitting next to rust and Celebi. Shairii waved, and Neo said, “Hi, Shairii.”

“Oh, Neo, you forget I already have,” rust said, grinning maliciously, making reference to the fact that he had died once already, and was able to successfully escape hell. Hell was where he got his Zanpaku-to, Nimaru, and his powers over the Legendary Spirit of Zhu-Quiao.

Neo sat down at the roundtable, which caused the hologram at the center of the table to flicker. Looking around, Neo saw Mike Anone, Silver Etherlight, and Reg Lando where Finch should have been.

“Right now, the ASM Dark Pirate is almost ready to be launched,” rust began to list, “Which will further bolster our blockade of the Homeworld, to ensure that Diabora can escape… Project MAELSTROM is still being worked on by Tiantus… All his attempts to put a safety net on it have failed.” Neo noticed that rust looked slightly elated, which was odd for him.

“Diabora… He’s just so powerful,” Silver sighed. Being the most cynical of the group, most people had been expecting something like this, “I mean, how did he get so damn powerful in the first place?”

<I can show you,> Celebi said, <I was there after all.>

“How?” rust asked the time-traveling Pokemon, “You lost your ability to time-travel and all…”

<I’m going to let you peer into my mind… I still remember Khorne’s Insurrection quite clearly, actually,> Celebi said.

“Khorne?” Mike asked.

{Insert Song: Prayer by Joe Boyd Vigil}

<You’ll see.> After that, Celebi closed its eyes, and glowed purple, as it began to transmit a memory to those at the table. The first image that appeared to those at the table was that of the Chaos God, Khorne, and his champion, U’zhul.

“U’zhul, you are my champion. You will fight for me and my conquest of heaven, hell, and the World of the Living. Kihara is no place for us,” Khorne told the kneeling humanoid, U’zhul. He stood up, revealing he was wearing nothing but a red loin cloth and a grotesque helmet. He crossed his sword over his chest, as thousands of demons were summoned behind him.

<Khorne and his Champion, U’zhul, wreaked havoc across the galaxy, fighting battles on the Homeworld until he stumbled upon a gate to hell,> Celebi voiced-over, as the scene changed. A giant, three-headed beast was standing in an iced-over place, in which rust immediately recognized as the Ninth Circle of Hell. The beast was known as Necros, and was the ruler of hell. In his mouth, he was chewing on three damned souls like gum, as Khorne’s Champion, and his army invaded the Ninth Circle.

“You shall not pass!” Necros shouted, as his army of Demons and Parademons fought that of Khorne’s Daemons. Chiron, one of Necros’ centaur Demon-Generals charged against Khorne’s army of daemons with his centaur troops, taking out several. Malacoda, a bat Demon-General, and his army of Bat-People, the Malebranche, swooped down upon the Daemons as well, but the Daemons grew wing and began to fight back.

<U’zhul was a strong commander, and with an ever-growing army, Arceus, Necros, and the Kings of the Homeworld, then called Maridia, could not fight back,> Celebi began to say, as the image changed to hell being dominated by U’zhul and his daemons, <It was then that the Mages of the Homeworld got an idea. They were able to kidnap one of Khorne’s daemons, known as a Bloodthirster.>

The scene changed once again, as there was a circle of mages, with the Bloodthirster in the Middle, <The Circle of Mages was led by Alvaj-Xoc. Using powers borrowed from both Khorne, Necros, and Arceus, the Bloodthirster underwent a drastic transformation.> In the middle of the circle, the Bloodthirster quickly turned dark black, as its arms and legs became almost-cable like. Sharp claws extended from his large hands and legs. Its head grew a deep black exoskeleton with a sinister sneer, and messy red hair came out from under the bottom of the exoskeleton head, at the base of Diabora’s skull.

<This created Diabora. With the powers borrowed from various sources, Diabora was a source of true Chaos, and was almost uncontrollable. His powers were derived from seven chakra points on its body that had crystallized,> The scene changed once again, as Diabora ravaged across the Daemon army. It was U’zhul himself that came out to fight him. Releasing his Zanpaku-to, Zakumaru, it became a large, grotesque lance. The two charged at each other.

<U’zhul and Diabora fought for several days, until Diabora was able to deal a killing blow to U’zhul. With U’zhul’s death, the daemons quickly disappeared. The entrance to Kihara was cut off from the rest of the universe, making the plane almost unreachable…> Now, the scene was of Diabora fighting off various knights trying to restrain him.

The Circle of Mages circled him once again, as Alvaj-Xoc said, “Legendaries of the past, old and decrepit, return to me!” Five long dead and ancient legendaries appeared behind Alvaj-Xoc, as they held Diabora in place, <Using his immense powers stolen from different sources, Alvaj-Xoc reached into Diabora and pulled out each and every one of his chakra points, which later become known as the Crystals of Power, with his bare hands. Diabora then underwent a transformation with the immense loss of power, becoming Infera.>

Diabora began to convulse, as it changed into a bone-white, almost façade of a spider. From its white exoskeleton protruded six cable-like limbs, and one skull-like head, with a horn at the top. The Circle of Mages restrained Diabora, <Using their magic, they pulled a whole new layer of crust on top of Maridia, with Infera sealed in the middle of this new layer of crust. The world below the new layer of crust, but above the previous mantle had become known as the Homeworld, since many of its population migrated above the surface for a better life.>

“And then Kent Tousaka destroyed the Outer Layer of crust, exposing the Homeworld, and freeing Infera from his forsaken bounds,” Reg said, summarizing the rest of Diabora’s story.

<Yes,> Celebi said, as the world faded back to normal, <And that is why Diabora is so powerful… He was created from several different magics, each made for the purpose of canceling each other out. This unholy and chaotic synergy is incredibly hard to stop, leading a full-powered Diabora to become a juggernaut of death.>

“That explains quite a lot,” Mike said, wiping beads of sweat off of his face. This seemed to scare Shairii more than anything, watching the memories of all of the people and demons dying in that war. Silver’s face was blank, as he tried to take it all in. rust, having seen the horrors of hell before, was completely unphased, still looking elated even. Finally, Reg Lando seemed to be underwhelmed by the story, but he had heard it before.

Shairii reached out and held rust’s hand as Celebi said, <Good story, eh?>

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