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Default Re: Forsaken Bounds: The Forged Alliance [Chapter 2 is Up!]

A/N: I put Amy in, Mikey. Hope you like it. ;)

Chapter 3: The Fruitless Search
“rust… rust is certainly hard to work with. I really hope that things don’t escalate until after we defeat Diabora… And that’s a big ‘if.’”
-Private Journal of Neo Winterfield

AMS Wrath III, Battleground Ocean

The second planet in the Corona Solar System was a small planet known as Ramdyne. It was also the first to fall to Aqua in their desire for universal domination. This was both a good and bad thing for the planet. After Aqua took over, they brought their largest export, intergalactic war, to the planet, creating an economic boom. The second, which could be argued, was that Team Aqua ruled the planet. The Homeworld and Kazmar didn’t like Ramdyne’s government, and never officially recognized them as a free planet.

On board the Wrath III, a battleship designed by Team Aqua, was Shairii Woldrac, the wife of rust Makuta. Shairii was a Combin, a spiritualist with the power to merge her body with that of a spirit of a dead Pokemon. Her journey to the Wrath III was a simple one, she had to track down three willing souls to become Combins.

There were a few problems with this. The first was that to be eligible to be a Combin, you have to have died and come back to life. The Wrath III was filled with people who had died, but rust had brought back from hell with him. They were sinners of the vilest kind, many killers and traitors. Others were former Aquas.

The second requirement is that you need to die once again, however, you can’t know that you’re going to be brought back to life. And the third was that you’d be reborn into a new body, but you would lose your memory until something jogged it, and that took a while. Shairii knew from experience.

The first two people she met with were Frank Bueller and Peter Jennings, the commanders of the ship, and two people who were brought back from hell with rust. Shairii walked up, shook both of their hands, and said, “I need some people to die.”

“What?” Bueller asked, shocked. He wore a blue, bulletproof vest over his Aqua’s grunt uniform, “Why the hell do people need to die?”

“To save the universe,” Shairii said. Both Aqua Commanders looked at each other confused, as Shairii elaborated, “Sorry, this is kind of hard to explain, and I can’t tell you why, but I need three willing people to die, in order to save the universe from Diabora… Got any takers?”

“Can we get rust to confirm this?” Jennings asked. He removed his blue bulletproof vest, and set it down on the back of a chair, and sat on the chair, “Its not like we don’t trust you or anything… Its that I just trust rust more than you…”

Shairii, a little disheartened, said, “Yeah, I guess I should…” She fumbled in the pockets of her Aqua Captain’s trenchcoat that she had borrowed from her husband, and grabbed her PDA. Using the videophone feature, she called rust.

“Slightly busy now, honey,” rust said, “Need something?”

“rust-y,” Shairii said, putting space between rust and the diminutive ‘y,’ in order to differentiate her husband from her son, “I’m looking for a couple of… saviors… and I need you to confirm for Commander Bueller and Lieutenant Jennings that I need three people to die in order to do so.”

“You mean that thing?” rust asked, pantomiming wings. Shairii nodded, “Yeah, Bueller, Jennings… We need three dead guys to do that… Don’t know if you want to volunteer or not..”

“Yeah, I’ll do it,” Jennings said, “Don’t know if we can get any else on the ship to do it. They’re all too obsessed with themselves to give a flying crap…”

“I agree, and I’ll do it as well,” Bueller said, “So… how am I going to be dying? Gunshot? Hanging?”

“Neither… And you don’t have to die now,” Shairii said, pocketing the video phone, “We still need to find one more person before I can perform the ceremony. You’ll have to hold tight…”

Grungust Construction Bay, Neo Lugia
Homeworld Skies

Silver Etherlight was inside the Grungust Type-III, attempting to get the Mech’s computers online. He had several technicians on the outside, wiring the Mech’s innards before they could add the protective armor. The hatch was open, and there was an elevated platformat the end of the hatch’s walkway, containing what Silver needed.

Etherlight climbed up the metal ladder of the Grungust, and grabbed a couple of hard drives loaded with the command module from the platform, and then carefully went back down. He popped open the wall within the cockpit of the Grungust, and hooked up the hard-drives to the main screen, which had been installed earlier that night. Closing the wall, Silver attempted to boot up the Grungust.

It did successfully boot up, as Silver breathed a sigh of relief. He then climbed up the ladder once again, and grabbed several keyboards and control yokes. After going down, he went to the console, which was full of lit-up buttons, and put down the keyboards, connecting their USB ports to the hard drive’s casings. From there, he screwed three keyboards to the console, and then put the yokes on the empty nodes. After finishing up furnishing the cockpit, he decided to test the Grungust’s communication abilities, and opened up a call to Mike Anone…

Captain’s Quarters, Neo Lugia
Homeworld Skies

{Insert Song: Mysterious Semblance at the Strand of Nightmares by Tangerine Dream}

“How much longer can this war go?” Amy Anone, Mike Anone’s wife, asked her husband. She was next to Mike in the double-bed. She looked over at her husband, whose head was under the pillow. Amy removed the pillow from his face.

“I don’t really know,” Mike said.

“What happened to the old Mike?” Amy said, “When you were kind of funny?”

“War changes people, Amy,” Mike said, “Especially wars for our entire existence. We’ve thrown everything we had at Diabora, and it didn’t even make a dent. You remember what happened to Rustboro, right? That was all of our stuff, all of Neo’s stuff, and all of rust’s stuff.”

“…” Amy was at a loss for what to say, “I just want it to stop… I want to leave this, Mike. I want to leave this whole military life behind, and go back to Cinnabar.”

“Believe me, I’d love to do that,” Mike said, getting up to go to the fridge for a bottle of water. Amy followed him, “But even if we can defeat Diabora, there’s still the war between Kazmar and Ramdyne…”

“That’s just Neo and rust needing to settle their grudge match… That has nothing to do with us,” Amy said, running her fingers through Mike’s hair, “You’re getting gray hairs…”

“You are too, Amy, but its nothing like rust’s whole head of gray hair. You know why he wears that bandana all the time?” Mike joked. Amy managed a small chuckle, “But remember, Amy, that if rust beats Neo, its us he’s coming for next, and I doubt we could stand a chance against rust, especially if he’s just defeated Kazmar’s military.”

Amy sighed, as she moved her hand to Mike’s back, and massaged it. She went a little lower, but Mike yelped for a second, “Not there… Bad back… Ketsuban, I really am getting old.”

“But we’re getting old together,” Amy said. The two lovers began to kiss. They began to slowly move, until they went over to Mike’s work area. Amy broke the kiss, as she began to clear things off the table. Once it was clear of any obstructions, Amy began to kiss him once again. However, Silver Etherlight’s face appeared on the main screen, much to both of their disappointment and embarrassment.

“Bad time, it looks like,” Silver said, “I was just testing the Grungust’s communications module… I’ll let you guys get back to what you were doing…” The screen turned off as quickly as it turned on, as Mike and Amy both looked at each other, their wrinkling faces now bright red…

Grungust Construction Bay, Neo Lugia
Homeworld Skies

Silver, slightly embarrassed and slightly grossed out with his great timing, decided to call someone different instead. He quickly typed in a few commands, as he placed a call to the ACSF Stratosfear, Team Aqua’s elite Air Corps, the All Clown Squadron of Fun’s flagship. The Stratosfear was a flying aircraft carrier, right now hovering above the stratosphere of the Homeworld.

rust and Neo’s faces both popped up on the Grungust’s screen, as Silver said, “Grungust to Stratosfear, do you read me?”

“Loud and clear, Grungust,” rust said, “Status report?”

“The Grungust construction is going smoothly. Hopefully, the Type-III will be able to go toe-to-toe with Diabora. I’m just testing the communications module, and I interrupted Anone at a… really bad time…”

“That’s fine, I guess,” rust said, “Neo and I were just showing Entei his room… What about Finch, how is he doing?”

“Fine, I guess. He reopened his wounds earlier today after Reg Lando visited him, but the nurses patched him up… I don’t know when he’ll be back on duty again… That looked pretty bad.”

“If I know Finch, he’ll be healed within the week,” rust said, referencing the fact that Legendary Spirits healed much faster than normal humans or Pokemon Hybrids. rust himself was one of the fastest healers, since he was both a Zhu-Quiao and a Starmie Hybrid, almost quadrupling his healing time, “What did Reg do to excite him?”

“Not sure, he didn’t say,” Silver said, “Anyways, I’m incredibly tired, and we still have a lot more stuff to do on the Grungust…”

“Bye,” rust said, as the screen flickered, and turned off. Silver, not wanting to go to his quarters, for fear of bumping into Mike again, moved the back down in the pilot’s chair, and closed his eyes, falling asleep almost instantly…

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