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Default Re: Forsaken Bounds: The Forged Alliance

Chapter 2: The Hopeless Alliance
“Diabora is just too powerful… Even *I* lose hope sometimes…”
-Private Journal of rust Makuta

Gateon Port, Orre

“This is where it all started, Neo,” rust said, looking around the port. Most of it had been demilitarized after rust Makuta abandoned Orre. The night-time, however, made it hard to see. Staking out Entei here would be quite hard, but they both knew they had Celebi on their side, meaning they would be able to sense it, “There! That’s where we stole the first Deathwing!”

“Well, it looks like you’ve returned to the scene of the crime,” Neo said, now in his human form. He had his eyes closed, and his hands on his head, “Now shut up, I’m trying to concentrate…” rust, knowing Neo’s eyes were closed, shot him the bird while he was psychically looking for Entei among the darkness, “I sensed that!”

“Shove it and find the dog,” rust said, slightly aggravated. Both had heard of the outstanding victory Team Trainer’s army had scored in Fall City. The Mirage Pokemon, combined with the South Fiore Army, had destroyed the army of Diablos. Finch had been injured, though, which is what had rust on edge. rust had known Finch since he was a teenager, and hoped his friend was all right.

<Got it,> Celebi and Neo said in unison, as they both looked north, towards the infamous Dock 8. rust cracked a small grin as Neo looked at him expectantly. Celebi, while knowing what had happened at Dock 8 as it was a time-traveler and had seen the past, present, and future, knew what happened there, it pretended to be oblivious to the matter, and slowly floated towards Dock 8, <Aren’t you guys coming?>

“Yeah, we are,” Neo said, looking at rust once again. rust, annoyed that he had to look for Entei with Neo, followed Neo, but only because the universe was at stake. He was the last person he wanted to spend and extended period of time with, and it was just torture to rust that he had to do so. He’d rather be back on the Deathwing II, on Ramdyne, with Shairii and his son, rust “Rusty” Makuta II.

As soon as they arrived at the dock, all three discovered it was locked. rust kicked down the door, as the fire beast Pokemon was inside, hiding from the trio. Entei, enraged that they were still following him, attempted to make a run for it, but Celebi created a wall of Psychic energy around the dock, trapping the scared Pokemon inside of the docking building. Entei curved its back and stood on its toes, as a tornado of fire appeared above it, shooting out of its back.

“Hate it when they do that,” rust said, transforming into Zhu-Quiao. rust launched a Hellfire Blast into the maelstrom, but it was just absorbed by Entei. The fire changed color from red to yellow, as Neo cursed. Entei flung the yellow fire at rust, who laughed at the attack, <Gotta do better than that to take down Zhu-Quiao.> rust dug a fiery claw into Entei, but the flames were absorbed by Entei’s torrent once again, changing it into an orange-colored flame.

“rust, you idiot! You’re the Ketsuban-damned Zhu-Quiao! Fighting fire with fire won’t work, you know that!” Neo shouted out, over the fight.

<F*ck you, Neo! I can win this!> rust cursed, as he swung a flaming tail at Entei. His flames changed from orange to green, as Entei pawed at Celebi with a green-flamed claw. Celebi cried out in pain, as Entei used Celebi’s momentary lapse to attempt to escape. However, Neo had transformed into Qinglong, and blocked his only exit.

<Not today, Entei. You’re going to help us form Bai-Hu, if you value your existence or anyone else’s!> Neo gathered up some water from the ocean under him, and flung it at Entei, extinguishing his flame. He then slammed Entei with his tail, sending it flying into a wall, <Now talk! Why won’t you come with us to form Bai-Hu?>

rust, however, had transformed back into a Starmie hybrid, and was tending to Celebi, whom was lying on the ground, with a burn on the stomach. rust grabbed some Anti-Burn medication, and rubbed it on Celebi’s stomach. He carried this around, since he was afraid of burning people he cared about in his hybrid form or while his Zanpaku-to, a Sword of the Dead, Nimaru, was lit on fire in its released form.

Celebi awoke after rust did this, <What the hell? You couldn’t see that coming?> Celebi said, yelling at rust. It then used a Heal Bell attack, <No matter. Give it a couple of hours, it’ll be gone… Just use your god damned head next time, and stop trying to show up Neo. It’s the universe at stake here, not your petty rivalry with Neo.>

Neo turned around and said, “Shut up, Entei’s talking!” rust and Celebi gathered around Entei, who was mumbling something in a feint voice.

<…Uncontrollable… Unstable… Could… turn on you…> Entei mumbled, as it fought losing consciousness. rust grabbed a Hyper Potion from his bag, and gave it to Neo to spray on Entei. Neo did so, as Entei became a bit more talkative, <Bai-Hu… was split up because of the amount of power it possessed. Unless it is controlled by someone… It could get ugly…>

“How come you can’t control it?” Neo asked.

<I’m part of the spirit. As such, I can’t… If… If you want Bai-Hu, you need a host…> Entei said.

“Which means Bai-Hu won’t double as a Crystal Guardian…” Neo said, disappointed, “Who could be a host to Bai-Hu’s abilities…?”

“Tiantus?” rust asked.

“No, we obviously don’t want a human, since they’d get involved in our little war once this is over… What if we were to revive a dead legendary and give it the powers of Bai-Hu…? Lakaskas?” Neo mused.

“Who?” rust asked, not knowing who Lakaskas was.

“Lakaskas is an ancient legendary of Kazmar. He died quite a long time ago… I’m sure he’d be perfect, since he could just return to Heaven once we’re done with him…” Neo said, excited, somewhat, that he was making headway into his own task – finding ten Crystal Guardians, to bind Diabora’s Crystals of Power.

<Under that condition, I will join you then,> Entei said.

“Go for it, then,” rust said, “Now we got to track down Raikou.”

Medical Bay, Neo Lugia
Homeworld Skies

Finch laid in the bed in agony. His room was dark and empty. There was a television, but it no longer broadcast anything but the news since Diabora’s attack. No new television shows could be made, nor could anyone really manage to keep running superfluous entertainment shows, since Diabora seemed to be attracted to killing people working at television stations. He liked picking off people in the media too.

The door slid open as Reg Lando walked in, “Careful, hot-shot.” Reg Lando was Finch in the future. He had been brought back in time to the Great War to serve some kind of purpose not yet revealed to him yet. Dutifully serving Xuanwu, the Guardian of the Multiverse who sent him back, Lando joined Aqua to take arms against Diabora.

“You’re still here, which means that I’m not going to die… yet…” Finch said.

“Yeah, but we don’t know much about the time stream, not even rust knows, and Celebi is his best friend. We don’t know if time is linear, and that the effects of time travel already happened, or if time travel makes offshoot universes…” Reg said, “I think it’s a little of both though… Whatever is convenient to Xuanwu or Ketsuban at the time.”

“Whatever,” Finch said, and then changed the subject, “But I could have beaten Diabora! The bastard just used his stupid Oblivion Shields! The key to bringing down Diabora is bringing down those shields.”

“Which is what I’m working on,” Reg’s PDA whirred, as he grabbed it from his pocket. On the PDA’s screen was the face of Tiantus Hale, one of the smartest men in the galaxy and the Head of Aqua’s Sciences Division and Chief Engineer of Aqua. The Great War would have been lost at the Battle of Hoenn if it weren’t for Tiantus’ ingenuity.

“Have you found anything?” Finch asked excitedly. He sat up in the bed quickly, and then began to scream in pain. Reg looked at Finch’s back and saw his bandages were blood red and wet.

“You reopened your wounds, you idiot,” Reg said, “I don’t remember this…”

“Careful, Finch,” Tiantus said, “And no. If we can cut his link to Oblivion somehow… Or overload them…”

{Insert Song: Sequent C' by Tangerine Dream}

Once Tiantus finished, a Deoxys teleported into the room. It was a Deoxys under Aqua control, but rust let him do what he wanted in exchange for its loyalty, <I think I may have you a solution.>

“And that would be?” Finch asked, trying to freeze his face so he wouldn’t show he was in pain.

<The ring of Alvaj-Xoc…> Deoxys said.

“The hell is that?” Finch asked.

<It was one of many rings created by the wizard known as Alvaj-Xoc. After Khorne’s insurrection, and bid for control over hell, which led to Diabora’s creation, it was Alvaj-Xoc, who had stolen some of Khorne’s powers, who created them. This was an act of defiance against Arceus. However, before Arceus could destroy the rings, they were lost in the sands of time…> Deoxys said, <They give you the ability to travel through dimensions at will… Or, in Diabora’s case… Cut off his connection to other dimensions…>

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