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Default Forsaken Bounds: The Forged Alliance [Chapter 25 is Up!]

^Anyone's free to make me a different banner. I kind of threw that together.

Forsaken Bounds: The Forged Alliance

This, my friends, is the long awaited Fan Fiction chronicling the Diabora Wars in the WAR Season V RP universe. I do apologize if it is a little confusing to start out with, but I'll try to explain a lot of the concepts as I go along, if you weren't in the WAR Season 5 RP, Team RP II, or Team RP V.

Essentially, what happened in Season 5 was that Team Aqua, led by rust Makuta, attempted to take over the Homeworld (The name of the world in this Universe). Neo Winterfield and Mike Anone, leaders of Team Trainer, resisted, which eventually brought the battle in space, once Team Aqua took over Ramdyne, a distant planet in the Corona Solar System. Then, there was a space battle, and there was peace for five years.

Then they went to war again, but a monster known as Infera was released during this time. The monster used to own the seven Crystals of Power, all of which are scattered then, and wanted them back. After rust Makuta gains the ability to transform into the evolution of Ho-Oh by dying, then returning from Hell, and Neo Winterfield can transform into Lugia's evolution, they decide to team up to stop Infera.

Infera acquires all seven crystals of power and becomes Diabora, and almost unstoppable monster that wishes to destroy the universe, and merge the Worlds of the Living and Dead with that of Oblivion, the plane of nothingness.

I'm pretty sure I missed a lot. XD Anyways, its a military fic, so if you're not into that kind of thing, this probably isn't the best fic for you.

Finally, if you'd like to write a guest chapter, shoot me a PM, and I'll tell you what to write (this doesn't mean anyone can write. I'll let you write a chapter if I've seen your writing style before, and know you'll faithfully write what I say. You know who you are. ;) ). DT will be writing a couple of chapters for me as well, just so you know.

Final note, I'm sorry if the characterizations are a little off in the first chapter. This is my first time writing for Mike, Silver Etherlight, Neo, and Finch, so I'm trying to get them down. Any suggestions from their creators would be more than welcome.

If you want to be added to the mailing list, just ask.

Mailing List

Group 1
Charizard Michelle ; k_pop ; Snow Fairy Sugar ; Finch

Without further adieu, here is this fic. :P

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