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Default Re: Sonic Roleplay - The Chaos Kingdoms

Yellow-green eyes gazed down at the desert like ruins that surrounded it. Those eyes, deeply slanted, sat on a sky blue face, which gazed emotionless, mouth set in a frown. A tattered brown cloak swayed in whatever wind there was, concealing his features. What you could not see was the six quills on his head, pointing upright, while the two on his back were much longer than other hedgehog's, pointing off to the side. The cloak was long enough to cover them, and conceal the white shoes and gloves that he possessed, along with the white glow that surrounded his body. On his forehead, a glowing, crescent scar, the "bite" facing to the right (his left), shone brightly.

Formally Skye, the hedgehog had met his fate at the renowned hero Sonic's hands long ago only to be reborn as the villainous Nazo, but he had exacted his revenge 15 years ago...Yet the pain had not left him. If anything, it had only intensified. His powers had begun to wane, and he did not know why.

Sighing, a black portal, rimmed by white, formed behind the hedgehog who turned. As the portal closed, the last thing someone would have seen was the swishing of a torn cloak, disappearing into the darkness...
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