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Default Re: Sonic Roleplay - The Chaos Kingdoms

Originally Posted by Pokol DaErran View Post
Name: Pokol DaErran
Alias: None
Age: 13
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Appearance: Pokol is a 5' 2" tall human with a white T-shirt, jeans, white and blue tennis shoes, and fingerless gloves. His blue hair is generally VERY unkept, and his yellow eyes constantly have a mischevious gleam. His skin is relatively light, and there appears to be two red jewels embedded in his hands.
History: Pokol is a relatively average human. Or not.
At the age of nine, Pokol fell through a portal to Sonic's dimension, and had an adventure involving a cult of Mephiles, the Tails Doll, and muffins. During his quest to get back home, he wandered into many worlds and through many trials, eventually returning to his homeland.
As a "dimensional jumper" someone with the power to utilize portals between the worlds, Pokol DaErran has had many adventures after that, and when he heard of the alien invasion he immediately rushed over to help. Due to a portal accident, however, he ended up coming in WAY too late. After arriving on Angel Island, he teamed up with Chaos and decided to help those who would destroy the alien invasion.
Abilities/Powers: Pokol Flash: Pokol utilizes pure willpower to smite the enemy in a blast of light.
Windaga: Blasts enemies by manipulating wind!
Pokodoken: Shoots an electical pulse at enemies.
All Toasters Toast Toast: Throws a toaster at an enemy.
Martial Arts: Pokol utilizes the Setting Sun, a group of martial arts emphasizing counterattacks and throws.
Other: Due to extreme willpower, Pokol is almost impossible (possibly with the "almost" removed) to control.
Oh yeah, and reserve me for Chaos.
Thundaga is a no...
Windaga must be kept weak.
Keep the almost.
You're good.

Originally Posted by Blane147 View Post
OOC: Reserve me for now please and can you please eplain the alias thing please and can you have more then 1 ability

Name: Blane

Alias: Ghost. ( Tell me if this is wrong. )

Age: 16

Race: Wolf

Gender: Male

Appearance: Blane is a black wolf. He wears red and white boots and red and black gloves. Blane has strange white markings all over his body but he isn't sure what they mean or if they are of any use. Blane has dark red eyes which can never be trusted.

Personality: Blane is a dark character who keeps to himself. He tries not to get into ay relationships unless he can get something from it. Blane will always be lurking in the corner and he never takes. Blane won't help any one unless he can gain something from it but on rare occasions he becomes fond of some one and will do anything to help them. When you meet Blane you shouldn't ever trust him. He will usually just use you for his own advantage and would even sacrafise someone to save his own life. He is the most important thing in his own life.

History: From hte minute Blane was born, he has been gifted in his ability but he was born into the war. His parent's were shipped off to help fight so Blane was abandoned on the street when he was only 5. Blane's life was hard when he was younger, but he has never accepted help from any one.

Blane's abilities have helped him with this. He has the abilty to walk through walls and other objects and can also control and make ice from the mpoisture in the air. Blane has been called the Ghost because of this.

With the help of Blane's ability, he has become a master thief and will steel anything he fancies and then sell it off in the Black market. When Blane was 14, he had a partner, his girlfriend in fact but she wasn't too be trusted. It turns out that she was working for the mutants and she captured him. She thought the mutants technology could stop him walking through walss but it didn't and Blane easily slipped out of the prison.

Now, Blane wants to destroy these mutants and everything to do with them but he wants to do it solo, on his own because you never know who is working against you.

Abilities/Powers: Cab walk through walls and can make and control ice.

Other: N/A

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