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Default Re: Top 20 Video Games

Necrobumping my Own Thread as Pokegamer (BTW I Was Darkmewtwo1111)

1.Pokemon Silver (GBC)
2.Super smash bros Brawl (Wii)
3.Grand theft auto san andreas (XBOX)
4.Tetris (GB)
5.Harry Potter and the prisonner of askaban (GBA)
6.Metal gear soild 2 (PS2)
7.Super mario land 2:Six golden coins (GB)
8.Metroid Prime (GC)
9.Resident evil 4 (GC)
10.Guitar hero 3 (wii)
11.Ridge Racer (PSX)
12.New super mario Bros (DS)
13.Super mario world (SNES)
14.Super mario galaxy (Wii)
15.Halo (XBOX)
16.Crazy Taxi (DC)
17.Gex (PSX)
18.Rock band (Wii)
19.Super Smash bors Melee (GC)
20.No More Heores (Wii)
21.SSX Trciky (PS2)
22.Hamtaro ham-hams uniter (GBC)
23.Grand theft auto 3 (XBOX)
24.Need for speed most wanted (XBOX)
25.Zelda a link to the past (GBA)