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Default Re: Little Big Planet

Originally Posted by Scuba Stevee View Post
Sorry, I was just kidding. I forgot to put j/k at the end.

I do have to say that the 360 and ps3 is better then the wii at gaming, but at having fun, wii takes that hands down.
Meh. I liked SSBB, Zelda, even mario kart... but I mean, with such a limited library, it gets very boring.
I'm not interesting in these kiddy games like "De Blob" and Mario Kart Racing (How boring...), so maybe that's why.
I don't find them "innovative" or "fun" at all. They seem like the same games we played when they first debuted 20 years ago, with updated graphics and a (hard to use) motion sensor - Heck, SSBB doesn't even USE the motion.

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