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Default Re: Little Big Planet

Originally Posted by zachattack View Post
FYI, I OWN a Wii. I wouldn't make assumptions just because my mom works for sony. I love 360, but they are microsoft. I just don't like Wii's games and bad motion sensing.
Sorry, I was just kidding. I forgot to put j/k at the end.

Lemme just say one more thing to you.
Is it said in history that "The wii is better than the PS3?" I don't think it's really a fact.
That's the problem with your silly argument. I like the PS3 - an OPINION, because I think it's way stronger as a console. I believe the xbox is also stronger than the Wii.
It's not about my mom working for sony, so you can stop making assumptions.
Just because I think the Wii sucks doesn't mean I'm wrong.
I do have to say that the 360 and ps3 is better then the wii at gaming, but at having fun, wii takes that hands down.
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