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Default Re: Little Big Planet

Originally Posted by Kirby Grunt View Post
I own a PS3 as well, and a Wii. Everyone has there own opinion, and I like all 3 systems (even though I dont own a 360). Even though my facorite is Wii, that doesnt mean I hate the other two, and that each system doesnt have its pros and cons.

"Another great edition to add to the Playstation Library.
I like how PS3 makes better innovative games than the Wii will ever make."
Just because you like Sony more doesnt mean Nintendo wont top it. Besides, last time I checked the Wii was outsellng both the 360 and the PS3

No. Nononononono. NOOO. NOPE. NOOO.
There wasnt too much Hype for Brawl, it deserved every "hype" or whatever it had. Its an awsome sequeal and a very fun game.
Also, Galaxy sucks? Who the hell are you? Really?
Lemme just say one more thing to you.
Is it said in history that "The wii is better than the PS3?" I don't think it's really a fact.
That's the problem with your silly argument. I like the PS3 - an OPINION, because I think it's way stronger as a console. I believe the xbox is also stronger than the Wii.
It's not about my mom working for sony, so you can stop making assumptions.
Just because I think the Wii sucks doesn't mean I'm wrong.

Anyway... I've been playing LBP. It's really interesting - you can like customize everything!

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