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Default Re: Reffing FAQ

Originally Posted by AtaroBot View Post
Grass Knot/Low Kick(Works for both):
Up to 22.1 pounds: 20 BP
From 22.2 pounds to 55.2 pounds: 40 BP
From 55.3 pounds to 111 pounds: 60 BP
From 112 pounds to 221 pounds: 80 BP
From 222 pounds to 442 pounds: 100 BP
From 443 pounds onwards: 120 BP

EDIT: And also, about the new status changes... Does that mean that if the user who used Confuse Ray was faster, and when we roll for the other Pokemon to see if it smacks/snaps or whatever, and if it snaps out straight away, it'd get 0 turns of confusion technically? That sounds kinda stupid. ;s
The encyclepida has all of that rounded down (or for the most part, but I highly doubt 1lb is going to make a difference) since URPG rounds down. And URPG is a bit different from the DP Metagame, or so I've been told.

And, yes. Why does it seem stupid? You can smack yourself infinite times before snapping out. Which sounds more stupid?
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