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Default Re: do you like pokemon?

Originally Posted by kingrptr101 View Post
I absolutely hate Pokemon! That's why I joined a Pokemon Forum!

That doesn't make much sense!

Originally Posted by Dark Turtwig View Post
He was being Sarcastic. It's hard to tell over the internet.
But, I love pokemon. I'm addicted to it! It's my anti-drug.
It wasn't hard for me to tell.
Anti-drugs ftw!

Originally Posted by A Requiem of Verities View Post
If anyone were to hate it, I couldn't see why they would be here.

I act and pretty much think I'm one of the most-dedicated Pokemon fans... and professors. On one website I made, I studied Pokemon mythology, and how it affects Pokemon life today. I still, however do. I also study Pokemon's moves and special attacks, and how they pertain to their owner's unique abilities. Right now, I am working on a website that is collecting stories, articles, and clues pertaining to Pokemon mythology.

Maybe because it's a great forum with great people and great topics.
oh hi.
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