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Default Re: Force Unleashed<3

Originally Posted by Caraa View Post

Must. Get. Dark Side ending.

It also unlocks one of the coolest costumes! :D

Originally Posted by Stormdancer94 View Post
There's a Wii Saber Feature? Dude. I was just thinking how COOL that would be a couple of months ago! Dude! It looks pretty cool, so yeah. I might get it. It depends. It's probably going to cost a whole torso (lol bad pun.) or something. So yeah.
If possible, I'd recommend getting it for the 360 or PS3 instead. The level design is far superior, and both versions just look fantastic. The Wii version also does not support the physics engines that makes the game so awesome. :(

Also, downloadable content for the 360 and PS3 versions should be coming out soon.

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