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Default ~-+How The Seasons Were Made+-~

I have decided to start working on this story again.

A long time ago, there were no seasons. It was 50-60 degrees always. But everybody didnít complain, for they were used to it.

There was a trainer named Zach. He was a very good trainer. You will see Zach a lot in this story.

The evil teams are Team Freeze and Team Sunshine. Team Freeze wants to awaken the legendary ice pokemon Artlica so it can always be cold, like Winter is today. Team Sunshine wants to awaken the legendary fire pokemon Scorchma so it can always be sunny, like Summer today. These teams are the main bad guys.

The leader of Team Freeze is Misty. No, this is not the Misty of today. This is a different Misty, who adores ice pokemon. She looks nice at a glance, but donít let that fool you.

The leader of Team Sunshine is Sonny. He loves fire and grass pokemon. Sonnyís favorite move is Sunny Day.

All this takes place in the Monpoke region. The Monpoke region is all the regions we know of today. How is this? A long time ago from today, all the land was one with very few islands. Then, as time went by, the land separated. Now, it is many regions.

But we mustnít just keep chit-chatting. Letís get to the non-boring part.
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