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Default Re: The Pe2k version of the office

AAA double post I know

Chapter 2 PE2K office

previously on the Pe2koffice

We get to go on a tour with the newbies, meet some well known member and got to know 3 gmods:D

As our story begins again there has a week gone by and the newbies are settling in nicely, as we head to today's scene we go to the 3rd floor with a elevator and through a big door and into the big disgusting sticky floored room some say the most disgusting room in the whole building. Aka the Cafeteria

In the launch hall:

Daughter of Mew: "I'll have a hamburger a big coke light please" Mew orders

Rust: "Sorry hun I have only gotten these coke zeros" Rust says in a launch lady voice with a cigarette in his mouth poring soup on plates for the people in the line in front of mew "pssss is the sound as the ash from the cigarette falls into the soup"

Daughter of mew: "I would rather drink murky water from the rain yesterday then that crap, who is the cheap bastard that ordered in this month????" mew says in a angry voice.

Rust: "I know, you'll have to take this up with Ryan, those coke zeros give me a sore throat, it's like drinking nails, I still don't see why Ryan does not simply pay the 2 cents for the Coke lights" Rust says, "Psss" is the sound as some more ashes falls into the soup.

While drift is behind mew, she watches all the ash in the soup she can't say anything she so stunned.

Daughter of mew: "Who is Ryan?" she asks.

Rust: " Thats the guy who owns this place always trying to spare some money" "PSSSSSS" is the sound as he puts is cigarette out in the soup.

Drift: "Aren't you gonna throw that soup away? that is disgusting"

Rust: "Sorry hun, cafeteria rule, unless we find two hairs in it we are not throwing it away" says rust as he hands mew her burger.

Drift: "That's disgusting I'm going to PC's for lunch" she says as she storms out.

15 minutes go by.

And mew storms angrily towards Rust and cuts in the line.

Rust "No cutting in line sweetie"

Daughter of Mew: "I just found a hair in my burger" she says and throws it at the counter in front of Rust,
"Not only did I find one hair I found 4 hairs in 4 different colors and used bandage, and for some reason a snickers wrapper, I want my 1.50$ back.

"A bell rings"

Rust: "Sorry hun you'll have to take this with The shiny hunter I'm going on a break, union rules" rust walks away and shiny approaches the table.

The shiny hunter: "What can I do you for" shiny says in a sweet voice, as he looks at the burger she points to "sorry hun no refunds" shiny says in a lunch lady voice.

Daughter of mew: "What!!!" she screams, "I'm gonna take this above you I'm gonna get this place shut down" she yells as she storms out.

The shiny hunter: "There is nothing wrong with this" Shiny says as he puts the burger back on the shelf behind him.

30 minutes go by

Mew, Angela, moe2 and pokemontrainersarah storm in,

Sarah: "I have a complain list with over 25000 signatures asking that this dump will be closed down" she says and slams a list as thick as a phone book on the table "yes we got all those in only 5 minutes"

Rust: "Then why did it take you so long to come here" he asked while blowing his nose in his t-shirt.

Angela "We stopped for lunch at PC's, they have actually heard of the word hygiene" she said as she stroke the black counter seeing that under all that dust it was white. "click was the sound of the camera as she took some pictures around the cafeteria.

Moe2 "When was the last time you cleaned this place" asked Moe as a tile from the sealing feel down on a empty table.

Rust: "Ryan hired a maid in 2004, she only showed up once, she got a better job at PC's"

"Aaaa" was the sound Angela gave away when she opened the fridge "A rat and something green" she squealed.

Sarah: "You haven't cleaned since 2004!!!!" Sarah yelled.

Rust: "That is so not true" he said stunned "This place hasn't been cleaned since the cafeteria opened!" he proudly said.

Sarah "Oh my effing god, that's disgusting" she said and snapped her fingers.

Neo and Tyranitar_Trainer entered and grabbed Rust.

Sarah: "We are taking you to see Ryan, then you'll undergo a 248 hour seminar about health and hygiene"

Neo and T-trainer dragged Rust away.

Sarah: "Mew if you can get this place into a tip top shape you can be the launch lady, and you can spend as much money on the food" she said with a smile "Angela follow me" she said as she followed Rust.

And they left Mew in there cleaning.

To be continued...........

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