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OK. I'll be putting in people's characters in this chapter. Also, don't send me any characters who want to be friends right now. I might ask for more later on.

Chapter 3: Friends and an Enemy.

Paul and Joseph hurried through the corridors, anxious to get to the Skill Evaluation whatever that was. They had recalled Bella and Tomo and were focused on getting to Block A. There were a lot of other first years heading there too. Some had Pokemon walking beside them but most had recalled their new friends. You could almost hear the excitement buzzing in the air.

The students all had different ideas about what they were about to do but most agreed on two things. It would involve battling and it would be hard.

Paul noticed one girl who didn't seem to want to say anything. She had long, light purple-silver hair with locks at the bottom of her side fringes. She had her long hair tied in a pigtail at the back of her head. She was facing away from Paul but what he could see, she had very pale skin.

Paul wondered why she wasn't talking to anyone but he was distracted by Joseph asking him "S-so what do you th-think this will b-be?" Paul thought for a moment before replying.

"Probably some battle or test that will see how good of a trainer you are." he said after a moment. Most of the other people’s ideas were a bit more exciting but much less likely. Paul overheard one kid a little younger than him saying that they were going to fight a team of legendary Pokemon.

Paul got so caught up in the ideas about the Evaluation that he hardly even realized when he got to Block A. One moment he was walking through the corridors and the next he was in Block A with many other kids. There was a lot of muttering among the kids until out of nowhere, Mr. Falroy appeared on an elevated stage and started speaking into a microphone.

“Quiet down students. I’m just going to explain this little test to you. Behind me are several doors.” he said and Paul just had time to examine them. They were plain wooden doors, each with the Academy logo on the front.

“Behind each of these doors is an older student. You will be divided into groups who will each go into one of the rooms. You will then battle the trainers inside the rooms and they will judge your skills after your loss.” Mr. Falroy continued, still failing to show any emotion. Paul noticed how certain he was that they would lose.

Just like when the new students had been getting their Pokemon, Mr. Falroy didn’t need a list to say “First group. Tyronis, George. Langler, Paul. Yutis, Sarah. Heldis, Anzu. Go through door one.” Paul walked forward with the other three kids. George was a little bit short and had dark skin. His hair was green and short. He had narrow, hazel eyes. Paul also noticed that the girl he had seen earlier was there. So she was either Sarah Yutis or Anzu Heldis.

Paul and the others walked through the door where a girl of about seventeen or eighteen was waiting. She was about five foot four in height. She had light blue hair and dark blue eyes. She was wearing a long sleeved shirt which was also blue. In a break from blue, she had white jeans and a purple belt. She was also wearing running shoes. Paul couldn’t help but think that her expression seemed rather cold.

As the last of the four entered the room, the door automatically slammed shut behind them. Paul quickly recognised the room as a battling stadium. Then the girl began to speak.

“Here’s what we’re gonna do OK? I’ll call out your names one by one and when your name is called you step forward and send out your Pokemon. Then I’ll send out one of mine. We’ll battle and I’ll decide how good you are. Now which one of you is George?“ She said cooly. George stepped forward, radiating an aura of arrogance.

Without even pausing, George tossed his Pokeball out. It popped open and out of it came an Elekid. The Elekid beat its thick, clawed hands together and sparks bounced between its plug like ears. It was obviously anxious to battle.

Without a word, the girl tossed her Pokeball into the arena. It popped open and a Leafeon appeared. Paul noted the dark colour of the leaves sprouting from its body and the sleekness of the cream fur. Both signs that it had been trained well.

“The first move is yours.” the girl said. Without hesitating, George gave the command for a thundershock. Elekid obeyed and a bolt of lightning burst towards Leafeon. Leafeon, however, was better trained and easily dodged the attack without even waiting for a command.

“Leafeon, use bullet seed.” the girl ordered calmly. She obviously wasn’t taking the match seriously. Leafeon opened its mouth and a barrage of glowing seeds shot out. Elekid wasn’t fast enough to dodge it and had to take the full beating. Before Leafeon could fire another shot, George ordered Elekid to use low kick. Elekid ran forward. It spun around, bringing its leg out and kicking at Leafeon. This time the attack connected.

Paul could see an expression of pain cross Leafeon’s face but only for a moment. Then the small Pokemon opened its mouth and released another barrage of bullet seed. At that close range, there was no way Elekid could survive. Indeed, as the dust cleared, Elekid was lying there, defeated.

“Elekoro, return.” George said, calling his Pokemon by its name. He was clearly annoyed at having lost so easily. The next battle was against Sarah. Paul noticed that the girl with the purple-silver hair was left, meaning she must be Anzu. Sarah quickly lost, her Zubat losing to the Leafeon.

“Alright. Next up is Paul.” the girl said. Paul swallowed nervously. He had seen the skill that this trainer used to command her Pokemon, Izumi she had called it at one point. He grasped Tomo’s Pokeball, ready to throw it. This was it. His first battle!
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