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Default Ryan's trade thread*SHINY AND NONSHINY EVENTS HERE*

All events are nonshiny and UT unless specified as so

Eigaken- All have Classic Ribbon- Shaymin-ID: 07198
Shaymin-Timid- JULY 19-Often dozes off
Shaymin-Gentle- July 6- Very finicky
Shiny Shaymin-Quiet-JULY 19-Capable of taking hits

Eigaken- all have Classic Ribbon-Darkrai- ID:07147
Darkrai-Docile-July 14-Good persereverance
Shiny Darkrai-Bold-July 14-Somewhat vain
Darkrai-Quirky-July 14-Very finicky

Ten I'mura-No classic ribbon-Regigigas-ID:07198
Regigigas-Docile-June 20,-Somewhat vain

Pokemon Festa 2006-No ribbons-Magmar ID:11256
Magmar-Naughty-Nov 26-Scatters things often

10th Deoxys-No ribbons- Deoxys ID:07147
Deoxys- Naive-Jun 27-Strongly defiant

Daisuke Fan Club- Classic Ribbon- Jirachi w/ cherish ball ID: 07077
Jirachi-Quirky-July 2-Proud of its power

Pokemon Ranger 2- Darkrai ID 03208
Shiny Darkrai-Bold- April 27- A little quick tempered

Pokepark event Taiwan-

Will edit later tomorrow
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