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Default The Pe2k version of the office

Ok this is a story were I will mix in members of pe2k I have seen this on smaller forums and hope it will work on here,,,

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"Ok newbies Line up" yelled neo at the newbies in the waiting room,

"Follow me" and that they did like a heard of sheep's they followed him.

"Ok this is the first floor were we do all of the trading and keep the people that have nothing to do", In that weary moment Jack walked by and said "Hey now have you seen my crossword puzzle?"

"Did you check your shirt pocket?" Neo replied

"No, why would I do that?" Jack answered,,,

"O my freaking god just do it" cried neo,

"O my lord, how did you know it was there!!!" Jack squealed,,,

"I'm Psychic" Neo said with a sarcastic tone in his voice.

"If you look into that crammed corner you see the RPG section"
Neo said" suddenly one of the newbies raised his hand
"What" asked neo,
"Why don't you get a bigger office for the RPG since it's so crowded?"

"Good question,,, see the reason is that we had a budget cut last summer and we had to pick between a new coke machine, I know a larger RPG office would have brought in more money,,, but at the time the coke machine seamed a better option, but enough of this if we travel to the 6th floor we can find the Battling center" neo said
then one of the newbies asked " why don't we visit floors 2, 3, 4, and 5?"

"Because these are the really unpopular NetBattle Leagues, plus the people that hang there are really "off""
Sarah said while walking towards them "Hi I am Sarah, OBEY ME"
But as soon as she let go of the words she heard a lot of yelling

"O my god Britney would totally pawn Rihanna" Libra shouted and pushed Soda "O no you didn't" Soda said while snapping his fingers,,

While storming over there Sarah yelled, "O my god I just stopped you guys from arguing about if red was the new pink, and Soda I don't have to remind you of that thing last week when you claimed a 1$ was the new 100$ in the cafeteria, you remember how that ended? Do I have to remind you? well I'll do it anyway, Rust attacked you with a knife, poor rust he's a mess since he was put on kitchen managing"

"Were sorry" they both said, but while walking away Soda whispered "Coke light is the new coke"
And then Libra attacked soda and Sarah went running.

"Ok follow me to floor number 6" Neo said,
When they reached floor number 6 they heard the song Keeps Getting Better in a weary high volume,

"Not again" neo mumbled,
And kicked up the door on the room marked Charizard Academy, in there was Angela singing along and dancing around
"Turn it off!!!" Neo yelled

"I can't hear, you want me to turn it up?" Angela yelled
While turning it up,

"No down!!!!" Neo yelled,

"whats that about a frown?" Angela asked,
"Wait I'm gonna turn this down so I can hear you" she turned the volume down,

"Angela this is the 6 time in 3 days, the members of Viewer Discretion Advised are threatening to move to another company if this does not stop", Neo said

"All right I'll keep the volume down" Angela said.

"Ok, follow me to the 7 floor where the all of our gossip bloggers are gossiping all day".........

To be continued,,,,,

Ok, The newbies are bunch of members just joining Pe2k and Neo(the GMod) is giving them a tour showing them the building(the forum)
Jack is: Jack of Clovers (the Gmod), he has nothing to do and is hanging around in the Trading Area doing crosswords puzzles,
And then we have PokemonTrainerSarah (the Gmod) she's moderating.
Then Libra and Soda enter they are having a argument basicly about nothing important and Sarah stops them or at least tries, Then I enter the story,, And there is some mentioning of Rust the moderator,

6th floor is the battling center we have here the 1st floor is the trading center and the URPG section, and floor number 7th is the other chat, and 2 3 4 5 is the NetBattle Leagues.

I'm sorry if you find this confusing, just ask if you need some explanations.

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