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Thanks for the corrections. I can't help putting a capitol for summer but I don't know what I was thinking with kitchen. Here's chapter 2

Chapter 2: The First Pokemon.

Paul looked down at the Pokeball in his hands and once again positioned his finger over the button. Hands shaking, he pushed down.

As the button sank into the sphere, Paul felt it vibrate slightly. The two halves popped apart and a beam of light shot out and struck the ground. It simply flexed about for a moment and then started to take a shape. As the light faded, Paul finally saw his Pokemon. He saw the green skin and strange black marks. He saw the strange horn on top of its head.

Larvitar opened its mouth and in a surprisingly quiet voice, let out a long "Laaarr-vitar." Joseph's Bellsprout, which had hidden behind him when Paul had opened his Pokeball, peered out from behind its trainer's leg. Larvitar seemed equally nervous. Paul couldn't blame them. This was probably the first time they had been out of their Pokeballs.

Paul bent down next to Larvitar. He knew that Pokemon could be defensive at times so he wanted to be careful.

“Hey little guy.” Paul said and Larvitar spun around to face him. It eyed him nervously and Paul started to wonder if he could make friends with it somehow. Suddenly, he remembered the food in his pack. He was near where he had dropped his pack on the floor. He reached out and slowly put his hand into it. He didn’t want Larvitar to be startled by any sudden movements. Speaking of which, Larvitar eyed Paul nervously while he was reaching for the pack.

Paul moved his hand around inside the pack for a moment until he found what he was looking for. A bar of chocolate. Paul cautiously drew it out of the pack and slowly, ever so slowly, he unwrapped. He knew that the next part was the riskiest. With slightly trembling hands he held the bar out to Larvitar.

Larvitar took a small step forward and paused. It sniffed the bar and a slight expression flickered over its face, showing that it liked the smell. At last, it mustered the courage to step forward and take a small bite. It chewed for half a moment and then its face lit up like Goldenrod city at night. Paul laughed and broke off a larger piece, offering it to Larvitar. Larvitar greedily gulped it down before rushing up to Paul and hugging his leg.

Paul smiled at his new Pokemon. Joseph and Bellsprout took that time to advance.

“I g-guess that L-L-Larvitar is a p-pretty calm Pokemon.” Joseph said as he petted Larvitar’s head. Unfortunately, he was wrong. As soon as he touched Larvitar, the small Pokemon leaped into the air and a tornado of sand enveloped him before slamming Joseph back through the door. Bellsprout took this as the cue to run after his trainer, with Paul in close pursuit.

Paul skidded to a halt next to his room mate and panted “Sorry. I guess Larvitar isn’t that calm.” Joseph groaned.

“You think?” Joseph said sarcastically. Hoping to get more chocolate, Larvitar had followed Paul out of the room and was hugging Paul’s leg again. It was at that moment that Paul noticed a piece of paper tied to Larvitar’s horn.

“What’s this?” Paul asked nobody in particular as he untied the paper. Joseph took a similar piece from Bellsprout’s leg. Paul read his and discovered that it was a list of Larvitar’s details.

Name: Tomo (Toe-moe)
Species: Larvitar
Age: Six human months
Gender: Male
Level: Twelve
Notes: Tomo is extremely shy and will attack most people who touch it.

“I guess this explains why Lar- sorry, Tomo, attacked you.” Paul said to Joseph. He walked over and read Bellsprout’s paper.

Name: Bella
Species: Bellsprout
Age: One human year
Gender: Female
Level: Eleven
Notes: Bella has higher than normal stats but is too timid and cowardly to use them well.

Joseph looked up from the paper and frowned before muttering “It said Bella has higher than normal stats. I wonder what it means.” Joseph was disturbed from his ponderings by a loud voice that came out of an invisible speaker.

“All new students report to Block A for the Skill Evaluation.” it boomed. Paul and Joseph glanced at each other. It sounded like they were going to have their first battles sooner than they thought!
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