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Default Re: Least violent GTA

The very first one strikes a chord...

In San Andreas, however, should the gang wars have been completed, the main story completed, could be the least violent. This is assuming the wheels on your car only leave black marks on the pavement.

~GTA: Vice City, at 100%, will have the odd criminal driving around. This displays violence, which is considered by the ESRB. Then there are Tommy Vercetti's guns with loads of ammo, tanks, guns on the roof/floor/bodies.

~GTA III is rated, now and when it was new, as the most violent GTA (some even said game) due to all the guys who grow to hate Mr. Nameless (Claude Fido?). Bullets fly and fall harder than African raindrops when at, or nearing, 100%. And the damage on Staunton Island? That's your problem.

~GTA II (PSone, PC...) allows for your car to be modded with forward mounted machine guns to name a few things of violence. Then you, as the player, have to do the nasty for the various factions of town in order to make progress in order to continue.

~GTA Advance (Game Boy Advance) has mediocre violence. I saw worse on handheld WWII GBA titles. The enemies can be nasty though...

~GTA: Liberty City Stories is a fairly easy GTA gam, but has some graphic mission details. Also goes in a similar gang relation path as GTA III, see above.

~GTA: Vice City Stories? I have not really played it. Music was bad...

~GTA IV I simply need a console to play it on...

GTA games are all violent as the missions require brute force. Also known as service with a smile.

Why ask if there is one?
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