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Default Re: Question to christians

Originally Posted by Stormdancer94 View Post
I think the theory is that there was a universe before us, then the sun ASPLODED when it ran out of OJ. So yeah. They predict that it'll happen again. I also heard that you can still hear the Big Bang echoing in space, which is a little odd, as there is nothing for it to echo off? Well, besides planets, but then theoretically, we'd be able to hear it somehow too? Like, with machines and stuff, our ears suck.

Btw, how does it say in the Bible how God made everything? Does it just say BOOM. And there was life. Or did he say some kind of magic word? Use a part of his 'body'? Do what? I mean. Just vaguely saying, This is God folks. He's like your Holy dude. he made everything.
It's a bit vague. I learn things by finding out what I don't know, or what I want to know.

Oh yeah, just a tidbit, in History at my school, we're studying Islamic Society in the Middle Ages with the Crusades and whatnot. I'm really interested to see the difference between that and Christian beliefs, because now, Muslims have got a giant stereotype sticker on them which basically says; IMMA TERRORIST. KICK ME. Which is really horrible. So yeah. Good times.
He did it in like stages
one day he made light, he like snapped and bang light, which doesn't make sense since he made stars and planets AFTER that, and we all know light comes from the sun, but hey. lol. Then he made humans and animals.

Somethjing like that.

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