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Default Re: Question to christians

Originally Posted by Dr Scott View Post
Yeah ... really, getting into that question really raises more. People who use it to question God are really just hurting their case, because if that's so where did the particles come from that made the Big Bang? (Smart man, Ramna).

At any rate, "there are things we as humans cannot understand." It's true, there is no way we can ever know everything, it's impossible. And so questioning people who will never know the truth is a retarded argument; it would be the same as people asking any question that no one could answer.

Really, it does come down to faith. Those who don't believe in God ... well, the key word in that sentence was 'believe.' They BELIEVE there isn't a God, they have faith that there isn't a God. Because you can't know, no matter how much 'facts' and 'opinions' are thrown around.

People can be very hypocritical.

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I was wondering if anyone had read what I posted earlier. Thank you Dr. Scott.

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