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Default Re: Question to christians

I think I've heard some Christian, Wunschkind or otherwise, mention that God is out of Time and Space, which is kinda stupid, since Earth/The Universe is inside of Time and Space and to create such life inside Time and Space without entering that domain well... Commonsense + Biblical References = FAIL. It's like trying to divide by zero.

I'm a bit of a skeptic about fanatics who try to convince people about things they themselves don't even understand. I mean, Wunschkind, people might be more inclined to believe you if you gave evidence and reason for your accusations, not silly answers like; Oh the Bible IS EVERYTHING. Tell us why, give your reasoning. God I sound like a teacher now. But yeah. I'm curious as to why a majority of the world choose to put their faith in some kind of being that exists outside of the known universe/Time and Space who has never been seen before, yet brought a son to earth by impregnating a virgin, who then came back to life and apparently created everything, yet he's never given you any kind of faith or reason to believe him other than a book which had been written 2000 odd years ago, of which is a great example of Chinese Whispers.

That sounds pretty odd even to me. But yeah, the whole Outside of Time and Space theory sounds a little far fetched as well... Semen is inside Time and Space, unless it's HOLY SEMEN and can survive in unnatural conditions. But yeah... Erm. The topic...

Let's ask Google. :p
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