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Default (: The Horrible Infectious Disease Poll! :)

Which one do you want the least?

Bubonic plague:
Painful, infectious, a classic.

When it comes to shear misery, it's hard to top Smallpox.

Violent diarrhea that can kill in hours.

This disease will melt you from the inside out. Get infected monday; by thursday you are projectile vomiting your own liquified organs.

Once in the bloodstream it has the highest mortality rate of any known disease (only one person in human history - Jeanna Giese - is believed to have survived an infection), and the symptoms are pretty nasty to boot: severe muscular spasms, agonising thirst arising from hydrophobia, frothing of the mouth, insanity, paralysis, and then mercifully, death.

People will be able to say you have Aids.

The good can decay many ways.
The good candy came anyways.

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