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Default Re: Question to christians

Originally Posted by ZachNCheeze View Post
that's not the point. You accuse me for believing in something that was not even related.
If no one knows, doesn't anyone WONDER? It's backwarding and ignorant not to try to find out! LVC machine or whatever it's called is going out to see if big bang theory is really true - I don't see anyone trying to find out about gods existence because of ignorance and blind faith. There's a difference between educated faith and blind faith.
No one seems to know, but at least people are trying to find out.
I respect your belief. If that was not clear, I'll make it clear. I respect anyones belief, I was just pondering the answer to this paradox-ish thing.

Anyway, if anyone has an answer other than "no one knows" or "no one needs to know", get back to me.
The LHC would have a 100% chance of proving the big bang correct...

And its hard to prove correct a divine being whos in an entirely different plane of existence...

Originally Posted by Neo Pikachu View Post
Who ever said that the 7 days God used to create Earth was by the 24 hour standard?
Exactly what I was going to say...
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