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Default Re: Question to christians

The answer: no one knows. It's a matter of faith. And I assume you believe in the Big Bang, hmmm? Well, here's a question for you. People say Big Bang was a bright point in the middle of nothing that had an immense explosion, forming the universe. Where did said point of light come from? I've heard the answer "two particles collided, forming the point, and the interaction caused the particles to explode." Where did said particles come from? No one seems to know that one. I am a Christian, believing in God, Jesus, the whole nine yards. Even I admit it's a roundabout question that I have no answer to. It is my belief that if I seek forgiveness for my sins and believe in God, I'll get the chance to ask about it in Heaven when I die. I don't expect you to believe in what I do, but I do want you to respect, as I respect what I suspect is your belief.

@Vincent Valentine:I agree with Poring. I defy you to explain to me why it's stupid. Why should my belief be stupid because I don't think similarly to you?

My five cents.

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