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Default Re: Electives/After School Activities/School Sports

Originally Posted by celebihunter View Post
What electives did you all pick? Did you have any after school activities? Join any school sports?

I only get one elective this year this year since I'm a Sevvy, and I chose French/Spanish. I already feel like I've learned so much in there, and I've only been in Junior High for three days. My after school activity is my sport, so yeah.

I am trying out for the wrestling team, so I've been training. 100 push-ups a day, weight training, stuff like that.
hey i am a wrestler and i love the sport i just have to tell you this wrestling isnt for everyone and if you dont believe me about me being in wrestling go on and go on 2007-2008 tournament resluts and click on cif sd masters the name is anthony salinas from hilltop and i wrestle at 112 pounds i am a sopmore and i was so close to go to state check it
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