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Default Re: Electives/After School Activities/School Sports


Spanish IV - Like some Spanish teachers, my Spanish teacher this year (and last year's one) make the class seem a little less boring than some think. Still, there are those one or two students that try dullifying the class...

Writing & Research - I wanna stab this teacher, but this is the best class to have for the first semester. Primarily because she walks through a research paper that is due in my AP World History class after winter break. xD

After School:

GSA - a.k.a. Gay-Straight Alliance. Pretty cool place to hang out after school on Tuesday because we talk about most of the problems that gay people 'can' have, and the reasons why straight people 'usually' flame them. >>; Though I rarely even see that at my school... or at all in public.

Anime Club - Bleh, this should be relatively self-explanatory. We watch anime that people bring in and are voted on.

Drawing Club - We (attempt to) draw in any sort of style we find fitting for us.

Other things:

Fast Track - By next semester, I should be enrolled in the local college and taking classes there part-time for Dual Credits. =3 Yeah, I will be slightly crazed ini the beginning, but I shouldn't have that much problem after I get used to it.
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