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Default Re: King's Reffing Log

All above paid

Battle #28

No Held Items
No Weather
Normal Terrain
Clauses On


The Jr Trainer[Kingdra, Bronzong, Weavile] vs Adrenaline[Crobat, Tyranitar, Garchomp]


This was one weird battle. Although Kingdra froze Crobat, it thawed right away. Then some CON hax gave Adrenaline an advantage. However, both down their last mons, Kingdra froze Garchomp and won the battle!

wtheburgerkingw: baby jesus hates me :'(
wtheburgerkingw: I feel that I should turn to the bible so I can be better at pkmn luck
wtheburgerkingw: my unholy actions such as cutting cheese and "masturbation" have cost me this match!1111


The Jr Trainer $1000
Adrenaline $500
Me $1500

Total Salary: $1,500

DoIPutNameHere: cradily, bad game really f***** up w/o storm drain, horrible playing, i give you a 0/10, please try harder next time

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