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Default Re: MH Super mega shop with shinys, events, EV trained and many more!!!!

Originally Posted by metalic houndoom View Post
Ok offer anything you want (within reason.
I do NOT want any hacks
All my pokemon are legit
I am looking for events and shinys mainly
Also want a movie shaymin and regigigas
Have fun

My Pokemon

Lv 100's

Heatran (rash) EVed in Sp attack and Defence

Kyogre (relaxed)

Rayquaza (bold)

Distant land Suicune (quiet)

Raikou (lax)

Swampert (docile)

Sceptile (quiet)

Umbreon (bashful)


Shiny Ampharos lv 58 (careful)

Shiny Groudon lv 70 (lax) (UNTOUCHED)


ALAMOS Darkrai lv 50 (docile)

PKTOPIA Electivire lv 50 (adamant)

PKTOPIA Magmortar lv 50 (modest)

I have most of the distant land pokemon so ask for them


Heatran lv 100 (rash) EVed in Sp attack and Defence

Porygon (mild) lv increasing but is fully EVed in Sp attack and Speed


Distant land Entei lv 71 (jolly)
Distant land Suicune lv 100 (quiet)
Raikou lv 100 (lax)
Heatran lv 70 (serious) (UNTOUCHED)
Heatran lv100 (rash) EVed in Sp attack and Defense
Kyogre lv100 (relaxed)
Latios lv 76 (docile)
Dialga lv 47 (calm) (UNTOUCHED)
Dialga lv 65 (bashful)
Giratina lv 70 (sassy) (UNTOUCHED)
Rayquaza lv 100 (bold)
Regigigas lv 70 (modest) (UNTOUCHED)
Registeel lv 42 (careful)
Regice lv 40 (brave)
Regirock lv 43 (modest)
Groudon lv 70 (serious) (UNTOUCHED)
Shiny Groudon lv 70 (lax) (UNTOUCHED)
Uxie lv 50 (impish) (UNTOUCHED)
Azelf lv 50 (rash) (UNTOUCHED)
Mesprit lv 50 (timid) (UNTOUCHED)
Cresselia lv 50 (rash) (UNTOUCHED)
ALAMOS Darkrai lv 50 (docile) (UNTOUCHED)


Garchomp lv 66 (mild) (EGG MOVE: OUTRAGE)
Lumineon lv 66 (relaxed)
Honchkrow lv 66 (bold)
Infernape lv 66 (naughty)
Roserade lv 66 (relaxed)
Tyranitar lv 64 (hasty)
Rotom lv 15 (mild) (UNTOUCHED)
Mamoswine lv 36 (impish)
Metagross lv 50 (timid)
Probopass lv 15 (naughty)
Bagon lv 1
Toarkoal lv 77 (calm)
All Unown
All Starters from Kanto to Sinnoh


Look at my trade thead or something you desire to trade for the timid ut mespirt
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