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Default Re: Who to save: The Person You Love Most, or Three People You've Never Met

Originally Posted by Gaia View Post
There's no real specification here, so it really depends. If the random three people were children, and the loved one (my mother), I'd save the three people, because my mother has already seen enough of the world and the meaning of life, while the children, well, they've not yet experienced the better things of life yet. My mother would've wanted me to do so, too.
Gaia hit it right on the head, it isnt about saving more lives....Its about not being selfish, what if they were three single mothers barely getting by. Its human nature to justify doing something that’s in its best interest, by turning the other person into someone evil. Its not wrong just part of who we are, we can see those people we don’t know there names, there not so much real to us. Where as your loved one is there something you feel you cant live without.

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