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Default Re: Who would you side with good, neutral or evil

Originally Posted by Masami View Post
Whats wrong with Hitler? Wasn't him who started the war.
He just protected his people and attacked those who opposed that mission.
Disgusting how you said that ! His predujes against the jewish comiunity lead to the slaughter of one third of the jewish population and that time! NEVER say that again as it's one of the most outlandish and most repulsive comments I have ever heard, show repect for those he sent to thier death and never say he did it to protect his people because that is far from the truth, he was a manipulator and he delibrately caused the war by attacking poland.

I do not belive we should hold grudges against him but to say "what's wrong with hitler" is a lack of respect and knowlage to what his crimes were and if a jewish person were to hear that you would be in trouble.

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