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Default Re: Doctor Is' IV Thread

hi for your

TIMID Nature (+ SPD, - ATK) [NOT OT]
Inner Focus
IVs: 21 / 30 / 23 / 31 / 26 / 31 (UT)
Available UT Only

Double-Flawless Abra and 21+ IVs in Important Stats make this Abra good enough! Perfect SPD and SPATK and just a few IVs lacking in HP, DEF and SPDEF, (plus Wasted 30 ATK) you can outspeed a lot of things at 372 SPD.

would you be interested in a hippowdon with evs of 252hp/16atk/152 def/ 88spd with 31/27/18/31/29/31 and a impish naturn?
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