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Default Re: Adrenaline's Reffing Book

Trovita Gym Battle

Challenger picks three
types, face off 1vs1
Held Allowed
Normal Terrain
Normal Weather

Round One: Normal Types
The Jr Trainer: Clefable (KO)
Volcanflame: Togekiss

Clefable setup a Substitute only to be Encored by Togekiss.
Togekiss repeatedly used Aura Sphere, breaking each Substitute as soon as they were created.
After a while Jr just forfeited because he realized there was no way he could win.

Round Two: Steel Types
The Jr Trainer: Metagross (KO)
Volcanflame: Bastiodon

Bastiodon used Metal Burst to counter an Earthquake from Metagross. It KO'd! :O Gym defeated, good game.

Volcan: 3,000 + Badge
Jr: 1,500
Me: 1,500
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