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Default Re: Website/Forum Advertising

Hiyaz all !

Well this is my New Forum Togetic Garden , which is the Forum that will go with my Site i am making. I have moved Forums quite afew times now , but this is Permanant and i have finnaly got somewere i'm comfortable with =)

I hope to make big things happen with this Forum as in make it popular and active ^__^ . Togetic Garden has only just opened and is still a work in Progress but i'm working on it ! And guess what ? I am looking for Moderator , and Global Moderator postitions for responsible People ^^ I am open for applications and if you are a Mod wannabe then this is the place ;)

I really , really appreciate it if you join and if you want to be a Mod , then Register , and then PM me on there stating who you are from here aswell. My Names ~* Togechikku *~ over at the Togetic Garden.

Please help make Togetic Garden Forums active and in return , have a awesome , friendly time ! ^-^ (And don't forget that Togetic will give you a Cookie) Sankyu all , and i hope to see some of you guys there ! n.n Please take a look or hopefully join ! Click the Piccie to go there.

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