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Cyclone looked up as the entire houndour pack, minus their leader, skidded to a halt at the base of the hill in front of the large army of resting or sparring pokémon. The vaporeon walked slowly over to them.

“So you want to talk?” he asked them before any of the houndour had said anything. “May I ask…where is Blazefang?”

“He ran off,” Boneclaw replied truthfully.

“Disappointing, but it’s no problem at all,” Cyclone replied. “Now, what did you come here to tell me?”

“We want to know how long you expect us to serve under your leadership if we join you,” Boneclaw told him.

“As long as it takes to stop the humans,” Cyclone replied. “And I can assure you, it won’t be an awfully long time, depending on how fast we can locate the other Forbidden Attacks.” He paused for a moment, then said, “I can tell you want something in return. What is it? Food? Territory?-”

“Yes,” Boneclaw replied, feeling excited. “Our territory by the mountains isn’t large enough, and there are these growlithe-”

“And you want their territory, am I correct?” Cyclone asked, and Boneclaw nodded. “That’s a simple thing to ask,” the vaporeon continued, “very simple. We are very much capable of driving out a few growlithe for you. If you join me, consider it done.”

Excitement and eagerness rippled through the houndour pack, and Boneclaw smiled.

“Then we’re in.”


Blazefang was afraid he was going to collapse from exhaustion. He was running blindly now, paying no heed to his tired limbs and cut paws as he blundered through the darkness, ignoring all sound and scent. Then suddenly, he burst into a clearing full of other pokémon.

Blazefang stopped dead in his tracks-he recognized many of them. The white growlithe, the jolteon, Wildflame, and one of the two scyther were all staring at him in shock. Blazefang took one look at Stormblade’s wounds and reeled back, shocked and disgusted.

Suddenly long, sharp claws sank into the fur of his neck and he was lifted bodily upward. He found himself staring into the yellow eyes of a large heracross, who held him as effortlessly as if he weighed nothing. He struggled, but could not loosen the heracross’s powerful grip. He found himself staring into the bug type’s eyes again, noticing the long thick scar that ran over one of his eyes.

“Stop!” Blazefang gasped.

The heracross’s eyes narrowed, as a confused arcanine and an angry ninetales approached them. “What are you doing here?” the heracross growled.

“Nightshade, put him down!” Wildflame cried, and Blazefang sensed worry in her voice.

“Why?” Rosie asked. “Didn’t he drive you out for evolving? And he made his pack attack us…and…just look what he did to STORMBLADE!”

Hearing this, Nightshade’s grip tightened on Blazefang, and the terrified houndour knew that if he tried to use a fire attack, this heracross could snap his neck.

“Let him go,” a voice spoke up, “he’s not here to attack us.” Blazefang turned in shock to see that the speaker was Stormblade, the scyther he had wounded. “Just send him away…you don’t need to hurt him.”

Nightshade’s gaze softened a bit and he lowered Blazefang to the ground, pointing in the direction he had come. “Get out,” he muttered.

Blazefang realized that these pokémon must have told this heracross about him. He could scarcely believe that the one who had told him to stop had been the scyther he’d injured so badly. Yet all the same, it was clear he was not welcome here. But even though they were his enemies, he was terrified of running blindly in the dark again.

“But…I have nowhere to go!” Blazefang gasped.

Before anyone could say any more, a noise from ahead startled Blazefang, and he watched as the female scyther stepped out from behind a tree, carrying the limp and bloody form of a pidgey in her mouth. Seeing him, she froze, dropping the prey. Then without any warning, she ran toward him with an enraged growl, scythes raised and ready to kill.

Blazefang leaped to the side, feeling the scythe scrape along one of the bone-like bands on his back. He landed roughly on all fours, while Thunder turned and ran at him again before anyone could try and stop her.

Blazefang felt a dark feeling creep over him, and everything around him began to take on a yellowish tinge. He shook his head, feeling strong energy starting to pulsate through his body. He couldn’t use Shadowflare…not again. But yet Thunder was trying to kill him and enemy pokémon were all around him…did he really have a choice?

Blazefang leaped away as Thunder slashed at him again, ignoring the cries of Wildflame and some of the others. Nightshade rushed to stop her, but Thunder moved too fast for him, heading straight for Blazefang again. He was finding hard to fight it now; every instinct was screaming at him to use the attack. Ignoring it, he fired a flamethrower, which Thunder dodged, letting the flames set a nearby tree ablaze.

Thunder swept the dull side of her scythe at him, knocking his off his feet and pinning him down. “Well…” she growled angrily. “Look who it is

(To be continued...)

I know it sort of left off abruptly, but I needed a way to end this chapter since the part after this is supposed to be for the next chapter. ^^;

I don't think Thunder realizes the danger she could be in by provoking Blazefang like that, or that there are a lot of other fire types in the group if she manages to kill him. D:

Thanks to Lunar Latias for the banner and Kirimori for the picture!

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