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Default Re: Adrenaline's Reffing Book

Cinnabar Gym Battle

3 vs 3
Holds Allowed
Sunny Weather
No Terrain
Sleep Clause

crazy231: Hippowdon (KO), Gengar (KO), Starmie (KO)
Loyal Arcanine: Infernape, Houndoom (KO), Magmortar

Hippowdon and Infernape were sent first. Infernape did a lot of damage on Hippowdon with Grass Knot and was able to survive Earthquake thanks to its Shuca Berry. Gengar was then switched in for Hippowdon and took a Grass Knot from Infernape on the switch. It attempted to use Psychic, but Houndoom was switched in to take the hit with immunity. Gengar then used Explosion against the Houndoom, taking out both of them in the process. Starmie and Magmortar were then sent in. Starmie's Hydro Pump missed, allowing Magmortar to KO with Thunderbolt. This pretty much cost Crazy the game. Hippowdon was the only one left now. Due to already being at low health, a single Fire Blast from Magmortar was able to KO it. Mikey wins, good game. Gym defended!

Mikey: 2,000
Crazy: 1,000
Me: 1,500
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