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Default Re: Force Unleashed<3

Originally Posted by Caraa View Post
I find the boss battles a little easy. ;_; It's not really a let down though, because the planet itself is a challenge.

I can't remember what planet I'm on, but it's right after you have to go to Felucia a second timeee~

And the graphics for the Wii aren't really that bad. I saw like all the videos for it ever created before it came out, so it looked like they would be good. And they were. The only let down was the talking. The barely move their lips, and I saw the video for the making of the character build. IT TURNED OUT PHAIL. D:

But otherwise, this game is amazing. The powers are amazing, the fact that you can change clothes and saber hilt and color is fantastic, and the plot is sick as hell. :3
If you want harder boss battles, try playing on the Sith Lord or Sith Master settings. I beat the game, now I'm trying it on the Sith Lord difficulty, and it's already kicking my ass.
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