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Default Re: Weakest among Ash's Bird Pokemon?

Originally Posted by Sota View Post
Swellow was weakest, IMO

Staraptor will be win, unless Ash uses it in one battle and then just gives it away.
I disagree with your first paragraph, but agree with the second. Reason: Electric resistance. Unless you tell me that all of Ash's other bird Pokemon can also resist electricity like it did in Ash's double Gym battle in Mossdeep (Thunder Armor). Remember when it was a Taillow? In that Pokeringer competition, it actually resisted a Volbeat's Thunder direct hit at it. (Doesn't matter which Pokemon used Thunder...) It also showed its resistance when Ash battled and caught it. A normal-flying Pokemon resisting Thunder cannot be Ash's weakest bird Pokemon unless you can prove all his other flying types he ever had could also resist electricity. And he won't give away his current bird Pokemon, which is the bird he's battled with a lot. Whether it evolves into Staraptor or not is still not decided yet, I think.
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