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Default Re: Adrenaline's Reffing Book

Trovita Gym Battle

Challenger picks three
types, face off 1vs1
Held Allowed
Normal Terrian
Normal Weather

Round One: Normal Types
The Jr Trainer: Clefable (KO)
ShiniesRule1012: Ursaring

Ursaring set up a Swords Dance, then just continuously attacked Clefable with Brick Break. Clefable used Substituted until it was down to 25% damage, building up damage from Ursaring's Toxic Orb in the process. Clefable then used Attract, leaving it at a 50-50 chance. Either one of them could KO with Brick Break, but the dice were in Shinies favor. Shinies wins this round, good game.

Round Two: Flying Types
The Jr Trainer: Gyarados
ShiniesRule1012: Togekiss (KO)

Gyarados's Stone Edge got a critical hit. Jr wins this round, good game.

Round Three: Poison Types
The Jr Trainer: Gengar (KO)
ShiniesRule1012: Crobat

Gengar's Hypnosis missed, Crobat's Bite flinched. Shinies wins this round, good game? Gym defeated!

Shinies: 3,000 + Badge
Jr: 1,500
Me: 1,500
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